A State Of Dance Music 2019

Jan 08, 2020
A State Of Dance Music 2019
2019 was another banner year for dance music – a year that saw the continued rise of artists like FISHER and CamelPhat, David Guetta flourish across both the mainstream and underground, and many more artists break through. On the performance side, there now are more major festivals and events than ever before, many of which are thriving in emerging markets – a promising sign for continued growth ahead! 
A State Of Dance Music 2019 shines a light on the most significant insights from this past year based on our aggregated data. This was a major year of growth for 1001Tracklists, and we showcase that with the inclusion of our Top Exclusive & Spotlight Mixes, Top Stories, and of course, the recently crowned Top 150 Producers. Some additional new insights for this year’s report include the top labels of 2019 (based on the top 300 tracks) and a breakdown of the top tracks by genre. 
We hope you enjoy a deep dive into the numbers and trends that defined 2019. And lastly, we wanted to give a special note of thanks to each of our contributing users who are so passionate, diligent and responsive, and enable the community to thrive online and offline. See you on the dancefloor! 
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