R3HAB & Julie Bergan Team Up On Major Collab

May 13, 2019
R3HAB & Julie Bergan Team Up On Major Collab
We’re excited to present a double interview featuring R3HAB and Julie Bergan, who have just released quite the collaboration titled “Don’t Give Up On Me Now.” The pair are a fantastic match for one another, as Julie’s voice perfectly complements R3HAB’s production prowess. Both are very busy at the moment, so we dove into what they have going on and they also provide some interesting tips and tricks for keeping things balanced and organized while so frequently on the road.
Hi guys, thanks for joining us today! How is the year going so far for each of you?
R3HAB: It's been an awesome year so far. I've been touring a lot. I did my first hard ticket tour in the US, which sold out. That was a nice way to kick off 2019!
Julie: Thank you for having us! My year so far has been great. It’s been really busy, and I’ve done so many fun and challenging things. Now I’m just super excited that it’s finally spring, we have a new song out and I’ve started the summer tour.
When did the two of you first meet and what was your initial impression of one another? How did you come to work with each other on “Don’t Give Up On Me Now”?
Julie: We actually met via the internet a few years back. We really liked each others’ music and talked about working together. About six months ago we finally got to make a song and we met for the first time in person in December. It was at a photoshoot for the cover, press photos, etc. Before we met I imagined Fadil to be really nice and outgoing, and he definitely is! From the first second we met he was very energetic, fun and open. He’s really easy to get to know!
R3HAB: We met for the first time in the studio in Los Angeles. I immediately felt a super strong and positive energy from Julie and I always feed off of that, so it was a great fit.
Can you take us through the production of “Don’t Give Up On Me Now”? What was the process like in creating the production around Julie's vocals?
R3HAB: I had a very rough idea of what I wanted the track to sound like, and then I heard this demo from Julie and I immediately knew that she was the right fit for the song.
How do you both balance your touring scheduling with production/recording and everything else in your life? Any tricks that you've picked up to keep pace with everything?
R3HAB: I've learned how to get really good at producing on the plane. It used to be that I liked to only produce in my studio, but a few years ago I just realized I needed to learn to produce on my laptop. It's not always as comfortable as being in the studio, but it's a pretty efficient use of time.
Julie: It’s hard to get the time to do everything, especially a social life with friends and family cause my schedule is always packed. Since I’m touring a lot I always record and write in between tour dates. Sometimes I do it on tour as well, or we plan like three months touring and then one month writing.
I also have my routines with working out, etc., and I love bringing that no matter where I go. When I do that I’m guaranteed some time for myself and also a little stability in my everyday life, since everything else is so unpredictable. I also love bringing friends and family with me when I’m traveling, and when I’m home I spend every free second I have with them. Also I’m really lucky, cause I consider everyone in my team as my friends, so I get to experience everything with people I love.
Who are three artists that you're currently drawing inspiration from or enjoying their music – either within or outside of your primary genres?
Julie: I’m currently really obsessed with Rosalía, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Khalid. Especially Rosalía! I just love everything about her. Her songs, voice, the way she sings, dances, performs, her style… the list goes on. I usually listen to hip hop and R&B, but I’ve barely listened to any Spanish music before (which I actually find quite calming). I love that I can’t understand the actual words, but I still feel like I understand what she’s singing. She brings her culture so well into her music and performing, and even though I won’t be doing that kind of music, I find her SO inspiring!
R3HAB: I love listening to pop producers like Max Martin and Steve Mac. Those guys are just on a different level. I like a lot of house music too. Chris Lake for example is a favorite of mine.
What's a show that you attended just as a fan before or during your career? What about this show made it so special?
R3hab: I went to Rezz last year and that was pretty mind blowing. I love her brand so much and her music is very different from mine, but I went home feeling super inspired!
Julie: A show I remember so well was the first show I ever attended without my parents that my friend and I secretly bought tickets to. I was 14 and Ne-Yo performed in Oslo. He was one of my FAVORITE artists at that time and we had soooo much fun at that concert. It was super exciting to go to a show all by ourselves and he was the first international artist who I saw live.
And lastly, any big summer plans? Anything that you're most excited about in the months ahead?
R3HAB: I'm playing a ton of shows all over this summer. I also have a few unreleased tracks that I'm super excited to put out. They're very different from what I've made in the past, but I think people will like them. Some of them will likely be coming out later in the summer!
Julie: SUMMER TOUUUURRR!!! Festival season coming up, and it’s my favorite times of the year!!! I also look forward to releasing more music, and starting off with this banger with R3HAB is such a good start for the summer. Other than that I’m just really excited about warmer weather, a lil vacation with my family and spending time with my friends at the beach.
You can buy or stream R3HAB X Julie Bergan - "Don't Give Up On Me Now" on your platform of choice today: https://cybr.at/dontgiveup 
Connect with R3HAB: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Julie Bergan: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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