Dr. Shiver ft. Zeek Burse - "We Need Hope"

Feb 26, 2019
Dr. Shiver ft. Zeek Burse - "We Need Hope"
Dr. Shiver has been enjoying a busy start to 2019. He’s just released “We Need Hope” on Lost Frequencies’ Found Frequency label, his label Art&Music Recording is busy churning out tracks, and he has a special livestream event planned for February 27th. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to catch the action!
Hey Bruno, thanks for joining us! How's the start of the year been for you?
Amazing. I signed two new tracks with Found Frequencies, the record label of Lost Frequencies. One of these two tracks has been already used on an official Tomorrowland video (and with this track we are now at 15 tracks entirely produced in my Art&Music Recording Studios that have been synched on their official videos). “Chemistry,” my track with David Allen, has now reached 4 million plays and “We Need Hope” already has a lot of DJ support.
Can you tell us about how “We Need Hope” came to be? How did you end up working with Zeek on this track and what was the production process like?
“We Need Hope” was just a rough demo left in some folder on my Mac. When I found it, I thought, “how cool would this track be with a gospel vocal?” At that point I just called a friend of mine, Joe T Vannelli, a famous Italian DJ, who played me one of his records with this incredible soulful vocal on it: the singer was Zeek Burse. So Joe introduced me to Zeek and we started to write the skeleton of this vocal together on Skype. Once we were satisfied with it, Zeek flew here from New York together with Pharalee, another super talented songwriter. We sat together in the room A of my studio and in less than six hours the whole vocal was already written and recorded. After that, it took about two weeks to fully finalize the arrangement and sound design which includes real guitars, bass, piano and a Hammond B3 organ.
How does it feel to have signed this track to Lost Frequencies' label?
It’s a nice opportunity. The label is still brand new so not many artists have had the chance to have their music released there. I think I am also the first Italian dude releasing on his label. The cherry on the cake, in this case, is not just one: the label is brand new so it is really a privilege to release on there. Felix (Lost Frequencies) is a super kind and supportive guy. And Found Frequencies is part of Armada so you have the benefit of a small indie label with the promotional power of the biggest independent label in the world.
What has it been like performing “We Need Hope” out live?
Well, definitely you cannot play it in the middle of your set since it is too radio oriented. But if you play it during warm-ups or at the end of your set, the reaction of the crowd is really great. What makes me even happier is that even if they’ve never heard the track before, people start to sing the “We Need Hope” gospel part after a few seconds. This is a clear sign that the track is strong.
How are things going over at the studio at Art&Music and with the label? Any artists who we should look out for this year?
It’s going great man! We are working non-stop on a thousand and one (ahah) new tracks. We have recently signed four new super hot producers: Galoski (a great DJ and producer from Macedonia); Ra5tik (from Serbia) and Kremerk (an outstanding duo from Mexico). Moreover we have new tracks from David Allen & Solberjum that will be released very soon and then, on February 27th we will host a huge livestream….
What has you most excited about 2019?
To me, personally, it is this huge live stream event that we will host on February 27th from our Art&Music Recording Studios where we will do an unplugged version of “We Need Hope” with an incredible band made up of 15 musicians and 11 singers. The whole thing will be livestreamed on the Facebook pages of Armada, Lost Frequencies, Found Frequencies, We Rave You and…..guess who else? Our dear friends over at 1001Tracklists!
Buy or stream your copy of "We Need Hope" on your platform of choice today! And stay tuned for the special livestream on February 27th!
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