Trilane's Exclusive Mix

Feb 24, 2018
Trilane's Exclusive Mix
Swedish duo Trilane join us for a groovy and progressive Exclusive Mix filled with some of the hottest tracks at the moment, their signature productions, and some unreleased fire! After an impressive 2017 including the release of their Dirty Twist collaboration “Release Yourself” on Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman’s Buce Records, multiple Protocol releases including Nicky Romero's edit of "Miss Out," and their stand out work on Mirage Records, the guys are gearing up for an even bigger 2018 and we’ve gotten the inside scoop. Read on and get a sense of their close work with YARO, exciting future plans & more! 
How’d you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does your track selection compare to your DJ sets currently?
When making mixes we always focus on having a nice cohesive flow throughout the mix and presenting cool, interesting tracks. We want our mixes to be enjoyable to listen to in everyday life so the rhythm and energy is somewhat different than in a live set. When choosing tracks for a live set we want to keep the energy high all the time while we usually include both high and low energy tracks in our mixes.

Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in your mix and why they stand out to you?
Virtual Self – “Ghost Voices.” This is a dope new track from Porter Robinson (under a new alias) that we think has a very mesmerizing vibe. Porter has combined 90s trance with groovy house beats which feels unique and gives us nostalgia.

Trilane & YARO – “Dum Dum.” Our new track with YARO coming in December, don’t miss it! :)

Martin Garrix vs. Matisse & Sadko – “Forever.” We looove Matisse & Sadko and new fresh progressive house with huge melodies is kind of rare nowadays so we got really excited when we heard this one!

Early next year you guys will return to release on Buce Records – what does having the support of Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman mean to you?
We have always been big fans of DV&W so their support on our music means a lot to us! The night they premiered “Release Yourself” at ADE last year was epic!

Your strong chemistry with YARO continues to shine through as you guys released the outstanding “Hot For U” on Protocol during ADE and have your upcoming release “Dum Dum.” Why do you think you guys work so well together in the studio?
We’re close friends with YARO and the main reason we work well in the studio together is probably that we always have so much fun together! Many ideas start with us just messing around for fun and coming up with something really cool that we didn’t expect. Also we come from very different musical backgrounds which helps us complement each other in the studio.

Should we expect more from you guys together in the future?
Absolutely, multiple originals and remixes!

What was your favourite Trilane production of 2017 and why?
Robin: Ohh that’s a tricky one, I’m so happy with so many of our releases this year! “Miss Out” was a huge track for us so of course it has a special place in my heart. Seeing Nicky Romero playing it at all of the festivals this year has been unreal. Also I’m really proud of “Release Yourself.” It’s a complex track that combines many styles and involves many elements so it was a challenge to produce and mix, but the result turned out better than I had imagined.
Jonathan: My favourite production in 2017 I must say was “Horatio” together with YARO because it immediately had a good feel to it and is also very catchy :)

Robin, what do you feel is the biggest strength of the Jonathan? And Jonathan, vice versa.
Robin: I think Jonathan is great at seeing the bigger picture when it comes to the Trilane project and to think of the end listener, whereas I can sometimes get lost in the rabbit-hole of music production haha.
Jonathan: The biggest strength of Robin is his persistency. No matter how many hours it takes he will always work towards quality and perfection.

What’s on the horizon for Trilane as we head into 2018?
We have several exciting things coming up in 2018. Amongst them we are working on developing a new graphical profile with a really cool art style. We also have a lot of new music in store for 2018 and we aim to release more music this year than any previous year!
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