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Mike Williams Discusses Tiësto Collab

Aug 08, 2016
Mike Williams Discusses Tiësto Collab
Last Friday, "I Want You" from Tiësto and Mike Williams was released on Musical Freedom. Mike joined us to discuss how the two came to work together, their intentions with the track, and some of the special shows where he's gotten to share the stage with Tiësto.
How did you come to collaborate with Tiësto on this "I Want You"?
Tiësto and I met each other during Amsterdam Dance Event last year. We had a nice talk and afterwards I sent him some of my music. He liked it so after a couple of months we came up with the idea to start on a collab. It was really fun to work with him!
What was the inspiration for “I Want You”? What was the production process like?
We really tried to make a melodic but still groovy track, something we both could play in our sets. Eventually we ended up at version 21 of “I Want You,” which in our opinion had the best sound. Of course Tiësto tours a lot so we weren’t able to finish it in a short time, but two weeks before UMF in Miami “I Want You” was ready to be played!   
You’ve had the chance to play some shows with Tiësto and appear on stage with him at some of the world’s biggest festivals. Do you have a favorite experience or show you’ve done with him?
For me it really was a dream come true! At first, when I heard I would go on stage with Tiësto at UMF, I didn’t believe it haha! Of course joining him on stage at Ultra and Tomorrowland was amazing, but also the shows we did together in Las Vegas and Bulgaria were so intense! I'll never forget those!
What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from him production wise? How about outside of the studio?
Production wise, I learned from him that you should never give up on a project too soon. I have the tendency to stop working on a project when I’ve lost my motivation, and he told me to just keep going and eventually it will work out! Outside of the studio he taught me a lot about the tour life of a DJ and how to build up your sets with different kinds of audiences.
The track already boasts some big name artist support like many of your other tracks. Are there any artists playing your music that you are surprised by or get particularly excited about?
It’s amazing to see so many big DJs support my tracks. A couple of weeks ago I heard that David Guetta and Steve Aoki also played my track “Sweet & Sour.” That was unbelievable to hear!
What does the rest of the year hold in store for you?
I have a lot of new tracks coming up! A new remix, a new solo track and a cool collab. I’m doing some really cool shows as well and of course ADE is gonna be awesome!
If you want to hear more from Mike Williams, check out his live set from EDCLV below (full tracklist available here).
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