Kanu Discuss Their Debut Release

Dec 29, 2016
Kanu Discuss Their Debut Release
As part of the #12DaysOfSosumi, the mysterious Italian duo Kanu released “Driver,” a track that has been doing serious damage in Kryteria Radio and Kryder’s live sets. They joined us to celebrate their first release as a duo profiling how they came together, their musical backgrounds, and the creative process behind the track.   
How did you guys come to work together and how long have you guys been working on the Kanu project?
M: We met through a mutual friend; she's a DJ and she was working with me on a project. We decided to meet each other in the studio, and after working on some ideas we decided to start the project Kanu.
V: We felt immediately that we could do something great together and six months later we are here celebrating our very first release!
Can you talk a little about the initial inspiration and sketch for “Driver”?
V: To produce “Driver” we started from our musical roots. M is a piano player and so we thought it was cool to have a piano riff going on plus some latin percussions cause he’s Brazilian! haha
M: It’s a nice combination of various sub-genres, house, progressive, but I also wanted it to sound dark and mysterious! I love epic soundtracks.
What changes did the track go through to get to the final production we hear today?
M: We started from the piano riff and all the crescendo of the breakdown and tried different drops. We loved the part in which the song after building up fades on kick and sub, we had to put something epic so we thought about a sort of battle horn!
V: After that we developed the track keeping that dark feeling and trying to spend a lot of time on all the nuances of the track.
Can you talk a little about your musical backgrounds and influences? How might those be reflected in “Driver”?
V: I love music in all its genres, but I admit I have a thing for classic house music and techno. I really like those drums, the percussions, the sub bass, and the sense of tribalism that this genre can give. Something you can feel deep in your chest!
M: I’m a musician. I’ve played piano and guitar since I was 8, so for me it’s always important to have something “real” on my tracks. I think it can help to give a sense of truth in this world of synthesized productions!
What does having the support of Kryder mean to you?
V: For us the support of Kryder has meant so much. He was the first to believe in our track and our project and we are big fan of his. It’s been an honor to have our first release on Sosumi!
M: Lucky we had this chance to meet at ADE!
Can you highlight the biggest strength or your favorite thing about the other?
M: V is a sunny, upbeat person – nobody motivates me like that guy! It’s important to keep focus on projects and never give up when you lose inspiration, and V does that perfectly.
V: M has a lot of great ideas, and he’s such a talented musician. We both had the opportunity to be successful producers in our personal careers and this is great because we can see things from two different but parallel roads. We are experienced, but we are eager to try new things.
What should we expect from Kanu in 2017?
V: In 2017 we are planning to release four new tracks, going from electronic to techno and tribal influences, plus a banger remix that will come out in January. We really can’t wait!
M: We want to focus on a specific sound for 2017 and we already have a big club track ready to be unleashed. The only clue that we can give you is the title: “Runner”!
V&M: Thanks so much for having us on 1001tracklists, it’s been an honor. And thanks again Sosumi for being part of this! Have a great 2017 guys!!
“Driver” is available as a free download on the Sosumi Records website.
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