Ryos ft. Karra - Where We Are

Jun 24, 2016
Ryos ft. Karra - Where We Are
At 17 years old, American producer Ryos already has achieved a lot, boasting big name collabs and performing alongside big name artists at some of North America's best venues. He recently decided to leave high school in favor of focusing full time on his music career. In celebration of his milestone original release today on Enhanced Recordings we present his story. Enjoy his new track "Where We Are" ft. Karra and get to know Ryos.
My Musical Background
I’ve always been into music. I used to listen to rock like Metallica. When I was 12, I started to get into dance music. I discovered trance first, then Skrillex. He was just getting big at the time, and he had just released Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites. When I used to listen to rock I played the guitar and the drums. I just loved creating music. When electronic music came out, I wondered how they did all of it, so I looked into it and got a copy of FL Studio. From there I just kept practicing. It was more of a hobby until I realized that I really wanted to take music production seriously.
DJing came a little later, branching from the Christmas when I was 15. For Christmas, my mom got me a certificate for a free lesson at a DJ academy. My teacher was actually the touring DJ with Lil Wayne. He’s taught me a lot, been very cool, and has been a big help with everything.
Balancing School and Music
I’m currently out of high school. I would be in 12th grade, but I stopped and I’m pursuing music full time. Previously finding a balance was actually the problem. I made Eclipse and my remix for Borgeous when I was still in school. When all these opportunities arose, I felt like I didn’t really have time to work on them. I came home from school at 3, would do homework until 8, and then my family went to bed early. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of time to make music. We kind of made a team decision that it would be best for me to do pursue music full time. My school was very understanding and supported me through it all. It was tough for me to balance everything, but I made it work for the time being, and now I get to work on music all the time. 100% it’s much easier now. I get to wake up and bam! music! Music is always on my mind now.
Collaborating with Big Artists
It’s unreal. I started making music just for fun. I did the Borgeous remix competition and wound up winning it. My relationship with Borgeous just grew from there, and he asked me if I wanted to work on a track together and it was so cool. Before that was even released, Breathe Carolina hit me up on Twitter saying they loved my stuff. Working with bigger artists is always awesome because they have so much more experience. I get to learn all the do’s and dont’s. I love working with people in general too on music. Teamwork makes the dream work. At the same time though, I’m working on a lot of solo projects. I don’t want people to think I have to work with another person for my songs to sound professional.
Hardwell is definitely my number one guy. Since day one he has been the guy I look up to. He’s 26 years old and I feel like he is on top of the industry. I feel like he is so professional. And then Martin Garrix too, he was so young when he started taking off. Musically it’s all the progressive guys, and then Steve Angello, Ingrosso, Deniz Koyu, Julian Calor, and Audien. But it’s also people that sound nothing like me. I think it’s cool to hear all the different elements in other people’s music. I just saw Tori Kelly who is a pop artist. It was extremely inspiring seeing her.
A Look Into My Sets
There will definitely be a lot of energy. Lots of progressive house and emotion, but then the bangers come in too. A lot of must plays are tracks from my friends. Twiig just made a really crazy remix. He has an unreleased song that is just killer, so I’ll play that. Some Audien stuff too, his remix of "Adventure Of A Lifetime" is in all my sets. I also try and play almost all of my own productions I’ve ever made.
Don't forget you can buy or stream your copy of "Where We Are" here.
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