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Summer Special: Jose De Mara & Crusy Exclusive Mix

Sep 03, 2020
Summer Special: Jose De Mara & Crusy Exclusive Mix
Spanish stars Jose De Mara & Crusy join us today to celebrate a rare first in their careers, a debut release on Revealed Recordings! “Stay Close” has taken off with fans since it dropped, charting in our Most Heard Tracks chart and racking up 200,000 Spotify streams in the first three days! In their interview, the dynamic duo talk about the collaboration evolving from working with Corey James, some of their massive IDs, the return of Arcadia Nights, and much more! Be sure to turn it up for their Exclusive Mix too as it’s filled with unreleased music and exclusive edits!
Jose, Mikel, so great to have you guys back with us to celebrate a rare first in your careers! What does it mean to both of you to be debuting on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings for the first time?
Hi guys! Thanks for counting with us this Spotlight Mix! It's awesome to be here again. It feels so good being able to release your music on the best dance music record labels in the world and Hardwell’s label Revealed is definitely one of the best ones in the industry, so it’s a dream come true!!
We heard “Stay Close” originally started as an idea for a collab with Corey James. Can you tell us some more about that, and how the track transformed into what we hear today?
Corey is a super good friend of ours so after our success releasing our first collab “12 O’clock” on Size, we thought that we could make something new again. It's funny because we started the track during our China tour last year, so we made the idea in the hotels and planes while we were traveling. We needed it to be ready to play in a show in Spain, with Corey. We worked on the first idea that finally was a bit far from the kind of sound Corey is developing right now so we talked all together and thought maybe it was a good idea to move forward with the release by our side solo with no hard feelings.
As people may or may not know, this is happening a lot of times in this industry, and the most important part is being honest and communicating openly with other artists so that you can still work together in the future, and you know what? We’re working on a new one!
Did you ever have a chance to test the record on a dancefloor prior to the pandemic? Has the lack of shows impacted your productions in any way?
Yes we did! And it felt so great! As we mentioned, the first idea came from our China tour last year and was inspired by some hard tracks they play and that typical psy trance rhythm that is very common in the Chinese clubs. We were having some days off during the tour and the first idea came very quickly to our minds! We didn’t have enough time to test the song while on tour there, but our first test was during our own Arcadia Night in Spain. We started our set with it and the crowd went nuts!!!
Honestly this pandemic is affecting everybody, but for us it’s pushing us hard to the studio to create new music and try to take advantage of this situation in a positive way.
Looking at your Exclusive Mix, can you each highlight one track included and why it stands out to you?
Jose de Mara: Binary Finary – “1998” (Jose De Mara Remix): This song is very special to me because I made it during this quarantine period. It’s probably one of these ‘all time’ classics from my early days as a DJ and the idea to remix it suddenly came to my mind. I gave it away for free to my fans on my birthday and a I got a message from Armin van Buuren’s team asking me for it to play it on his ASOT show! My face was like whaaaat?! So I’m very happy with the result!
Crusy: Antoine Delvig – “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” This is one of those tracks you’re playing again and again in every show. Antoine is a good friend of ours so since we had the first demo in our hands we’ve been playing it in every single show! He is one of the most talented producers out there and we’re working on something together!
Earlier this year you released your remix of “Let The Light Shine In.” It’s a classic, and a rare Jono Grant original! What are some of the first memories that you attach to the record?
It was an absolute pleasure to be able to remix “Let The Light Shine In,” it's a classic! Both of us started playing different genres with different names than the ones we have today, and it was a song we had been playing in our sets for years even when we didn't know each other! We wanted to have a remix of a classic that we could end our sets with, so we made the first idea and sent it to Armada. It was a great surprise when they answered us instantly telling that they loved it! But the surprise was even bigger when we noticed it was played during Armin’s A State Of Trance show!
How’d you guys approach your remix? What elements of the original did you want to preserve and how do you feel that you’ve made it your own?
Since the original was a special song for both of us, we wanted to be very careful with the record. For us, the top melody was awesome as it was, so we decided to change only the genre of the production and bring it closer to the progressive style that we use to play sometimes at festivals. It was a challenge, but we are very happy with the feedback that we got from the fans and the DJs! It's definitely one of our favorite productions :)
Looking ahead, can you each tell us about some of your upcoming music? We’ve heard rumors of IDs coming on Sosumi, Confession, and Kryteria…
Crusy: Yes! I have two IDs coming soon. One is called “All I Need” with two Spanish producers called Döts. It was premiered by Tiësto on Club Life one week ago and the feedback has been amazing on that one. We stayed together in Ibiza this summer and worked on some music, so expect a follow-up soon. The second one is an ID that we have been playing lately. Confession is one of my absolute favorite labels and was amazing to be able to work with Tchami and his team. It will come out as a single in October, so stay tuned for that one!
Jose de Mara: I also have a special track coming up soon with my good friend Javi Reina from Spain, which is expected to be released very soon on Kryder’s imprint Sosumi Records. It’s a catchy club record that hopefully makes some noise next year in 2021!
And finally, what’s going on with Arcadia? Have you decided to pivot in any new directions? Any thoughts on the return of Arcadia Night?
Jose de Mara: As a record label, Arcadia Music is waiting for the next step to move forward. Honestly I think dance music is trying to ‘find’ this new fresh direction to make everybody pay attention to again. This year has felt to me like one of the years with more songs released but not many anthems so that means we must probably find or explore some new ways to bring dance music forward. One of the things we really feel as artists is we need to keep sounding fresh, innovating in any way possible. So we released some records from our friends, but we’re still waiting for the smartest step to take. We’re open to checking new music though!
About Arcadia Night – we had planned to make our biggest event to date this year but obviously we had to delay it so this is the perfect time to take some time off and also think about the way to improve our event and maintain our fans' satisfaction and happiness with our concept. This is the most important thing for us! We will come back for sure, hopefully in 2021!
You can buy/stream Jose De Mara & Crusy - "Stay Close (Level 2)" on your platform of choice!
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