Dialed In: Otto Orlandi

Jun 21, 2018
Dialed In: Otto Orlandi
Otto Orlandi has found major success this year in the crossover world of dance music. His latest release “Oddest Goddess” recently crossed the 100K stream mark on Spotify, and “Fever,” released earlier this year now has over 250K streams. Otto worked with a star studded cast on “Oddest Goddess” including the ultra talented Ayah Marar, who has featured on records for Calvin Harris, R3HAB, and NERVO previously. We caught up with Otto to discuss his work on both records and how he views the progression of his career as he dials in on crossover tracks.
Otto, thanks so much for joining us today! How’s 2018 been for you thus far?
Thus far, 2018 has been extremely positive for me. My label, O Music Recordings, has closed a contract with Sony Music making us official partners. This year I have released two tracks: “Fever” ft. Karmello & Rayne, and “Oddest Goddess” ft. The Chordz & Ayah Marar. Both collaborations have been doing extremely well as far as streaming and charts go. I also had the pleasure to attend Ultra 2018, Miami Music Week and IMS in Ibiza. Both venues were exceptional for networking and learning more about the dance music world. While 2018 has been great, I can assure you that I have a few surprises in store and it is going to get even better. 
You had the opportunity to work with an all-star cast on your latest release “Oddest Goddess.” Can you think back a bit to the first music you heard from both The Chordz and Ayah Marar?
I first heard about Ayah Marar through MusicAllStars and Spinnin’ Records. I listened to some of her acappella recordings and was enchanted by her vocals. Ayah Marar has featured on a multitude of worldwide crossover singles from Calvin Harris’s anthem “Thinking About You” to the DJ Fresh cut ‘The  Edge’ to R3hab & NERVO’s “Ready for the Weekend.” I had the feeling that she would be the right person for my next collab; so, I immediately contacted her. I met The Chordz when I signed them to my label, O Music Recordings. Their talent for harmonizing pop and EDM sounds was what convinced me that they were the right people to work with on my next release. 
What ultimately brought you all together to work on this collaboration? Can you take us through the production process?
Working on this project was fairly easy since we all shared a similar vision on what we wanted to create. Our goal was to craft a track that was both airwave and dancefloor friendly. As far as the production process goes, we just met and tried different sounds and selected what we thought was best. It is no surprise that work runs considerably smoother and more spontaneous if you are with people who share the same vision. 
What to you makes Ayah Marar’s voice special? What makes it the right fit for “Oddest Goddess”?
Ayah’s voice is extremely powerful and can easily convey emotions, plus she is a veteran singer. Because of her experience plus that talent I figured she would be a great artist to collaborate with. 
As you’ve honed your craft, what have you found are some important characteristics leading to your success?
From what I have seen, I think there are three main traits that characterize every successful artist. First, it’s work ethic. All of the artists that made it to the top are the hardest workers and there is no exception to that. Second, the quality of their work. The devil is in the details, and those artists really show how precise they are with all aspects of their profession. Last but not least, all of the top artists are there because they love what they are doing and that is the key that keeps you going and makes you better every day. 
Who are some other artists who you feel are really killing it in the world of dance music currently?
I think Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and Marshmello are dominating the EDM scene as of now. Every track that they release is pure fire and they get better with each production. I aspire to be at that level one day and, hopefully, I will be there sooner rather than later.
Earlier this year you dropped another big pop/dance crossover in “Fever.” What are some of your favorite elements in that track?
“Fever” features Karmello & Rayne and was heavily inspired by Calvin Harris’s Funk Wav Vol 1 and the sound of the band Jamiroquai. I really loved the pop and jazzy blend the two artists managed to convey in their tracks. With “Fever,” I decided that I would do something similar, but using my own sound and taste.
What are your top three favorite records currently?
Right now, my favorite records are “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris, “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd, and “Friends” by Marshmello. Every aspect of these records is on point which makes them by far my favorite tracks out at the moment.
And finally, what’s in store for you this summer? Any cool projects in the works that you can share with us? Any tour dates planned?
I have one release in store for the end of July, but I do not want to reveal too much about it. As far as touring dates goes, I am currently focusing 100% of my energy on music production and on managing my label. Time is unfortunately limited, so I cannot tour at the moment. However, things could change for the future if I decide that touring is what would make me the happiest. 
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