Mark Sherry - Outburst 500

Mar 20, 2017
Mark Sherry - Outburst 500
Tech trance pioneer Mark Sherry recently reached a milestone very few producers ever hit, 500 episodes of Outburst Radio! To celebrate the landmark achievement, Mark hand selected and mixed an album Outburst 500 to paint a picture of the show and its defining music over the last 10 years. Split into the Future Fire and Tech Gold mixes/discs, there is something to enjoy and something to discover for all classes of trance fans. Enjoy a look into the album, his labels, his radio show, and his plans for taking the music into a live show in Mark Sherry’s story.
In your own words, what breeds of trance does your Ourburst 500 album cover?
I play a few different styles of trance in the clubs of course, but I wanted this double album to primarily focus on tech-trance – purely because this style reflects my Outburst Radioshow in the best way, I’d say.  
And how do you delineate between your three labels (Outburst, Techburst and Outburst Twilight)?
It’s quite easy really, Outburst is for tech-trance (and very occasionally uplifting), Twilight is for slightly darker tech-trance and psy tracks that would suit a rave at 4am in the morning, and Techburst is 100% dark and hard techno.
Style-wise, the main label Outburst Records entered (and operates in) a fairly packed field. Somehow though it managed to stand out and make a name for itself really quickly. What do you put that down to?
I spend a lot of time looking for original tracks and also trying to push producers right outside of their comfort zones to come up with different sounds – even if that means spending weeks going back and forth with them in emails until they achieve the right sound (and their best sound possible). I would never force anyone of course, but all of the guys that I’ve worked with so far have had really great results! This keeps the label fresh and hopefully makes it stand out in the crowd.
The ‘500’ of the title refers, of course, to your radio show. 500 is a whole lot of episodes – huge congrats! Time-wise, what kind of an undertaking is doing the show each week?
I would say that I spend about two hours a week downloading, sourcing and editing tracks, then one hour to record, then one hour to master, convert to all formats and uploading to all FTPs and sites, etc., etc. So basically 500 episodes has taken up 2,000 hours of my life haha.
Back to the album. Smartly, you’ve split Outburst 500 into two discs (Future Fire and Tech Gold). With Future Fire, what elements of the tracks were you particularly on the look out for?
It was basically made up of all of the biggest forthcoming tech-trance releases on Outburst. I have so many cool releases coming up that it made it very easy to compile! I didn’t set out to give it a theme really, the releases were all ‘future fire’ tracks so disc 1 almost created itself. ☺  
Tech Gold is an absolute masterclass in the history of tech/techno-trance. If you had to point to one track on it that’d sell our readers on it in 4 minutes flat, what would it be!?
Thanks a lot! Daaaamn, that’s too tough a question, c’mon haha. I honestly can’t pick one, they represent a very exciting and amazing era for trance music, and I really feel that the whole of disc 2 manages to capture that feeling and vibe…so just trust me and go and check it out!  
You’re a bit of a mastering don on the side. How much of a difference can you hear in the production quality of the tracks on Future Fire and those of Tech Gold’s yesteryear?
The main difference is that everyone masters their tracks around 3-5dB louder than they did back in the noughties. So I had to apply some louder mastering to disc 2 to get it sounding a bit beefier and as big and boisterous as disc 1, even though the tracks themselves are beefy. Some of the tracks on disc 2 were so advanced and way ahead of their time anyway that they all still stand up against their newer counterparts today.    
Finally, are you taking Outburst 500 on tour?
Yes, absolutely. There are a LOT of #Outburst500 events happening all over the world this year, but the only ones that have been announced so far are ‘Lucent’ in San Diego and also ‘We Are You’ in Liverpool – but if you keep an eye on my social media pages over the next few weeks there are going to be a lot of big announcements!

Big thanks for the feature guys, all the best!
You can buy/stream Outburst 500 on your platform of choice today! And if you like what you are hearing, be sure to check out Mark Sherry's set from ASOT 800 Utrecht [mix + tracklist]
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