Nov 28, 2016


To celebrate the release of their brand new track “Alive” on Revealed Recordings, SICK INDIVIDUALS joined us for an exclusive interview. The duo gave the backstory behind “Alive,” talked about growing their sound and their involvement with the Revealed family, and looked ahead to 2017.

Loving “Alive” guys! It’s definitely a little bit different from your normal sound and the sound you would expect on a Revealed release. What was the inspiration for this track?
Thanks! We wanted to bridge our signature club sound with some of our more crossover music. We wanted to translate that into music that people can listen to at all times, whether at work, driving or just chilling at the beach with friends. We worked for a while to get to this sound. Actually the groove and the vibe in this track is just like our club tracks, but the structure and mixdown is totally different which makes it more accessible in our opinion.

And yes, to sign to Revealed was unexpected perhaps, but they are heading in some new directions.

How do you see the track fitting into your sets?
Good question! Always hard to play new vocals in your set, especially with this one because the energy is quite different. We will figure that out, no worries though. Hopefully the track will gain some attention first! A remix EP will follow in early 2017 and we always like to make edits!
Do the vocals hold any particular significance to you or deliver a certain message?
Sometimes love is so strong that it conquers everything, but love can also make you blind.

How do you guys think the animated music video complements the track?
The video is not quite ready yet but, we are really looking forward to its release! We have seen the treatment and some still frames and it’s right in line with the track of course! The video will be premiered on Friday, December 2nd!

What was your experience like playing on the Revealed Boat party [tracklist]?
Always good to play with our friends! And on a boat cruising through the canals was fun! Redcap still for President. :)
What other upcoming music do you guys have on the radar? Is this song a signal in any way for what’s to come in the future from you two?
People I Love” was just released some weeks before and also is quite different! We have a club release in December and for 2017 we’ve got some big tracks coming in the “Alive” direction as well. But we will still produce progressive house music, do remixes, etc.
You were just announced as part of the Revealed New Year's Eve celebration in Dubai, alongside Kura, Thomas Gold, and many others. How excited are you guys about that event?!
Very excited! Always a key moment and a unique place to celebrate in Dubai with the Revealed Family!

You debuted some new visuals during one of your shows in ADE. Can you talk a little bit more about your plans for your new show moving into next year?
'This is Sick' was really successful in 2016, and hopefully next year we can do even more shows. We recently updated the show with new visuals, an intro and exclusive edits! It’s quite cool for just the two of us controlling the whole show and DJing and MCing as well.
Be sure to check out the latest THIS IS SICK radio show to hear all of the latest from SICK INDIVIDUALS [tracklist].
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