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Get To Know Watermät

Aug 23, 2016
Get To Know Watermät
French house producer Watermät has had one of his busiest summers to date since bursting onto the scene with hit track “Bullit.” We took some time to catch up with Laurent and reflect on his summer and career as a whole.
How was Tomorrowland this year?
It was great. I played Tomorrowworld last year, but this was my first time at Tomorrowland. I played on Martin Solveig’s My House stage. It was a huge stage and a great vibe so I really, really enjoyed it. It was perfect.

Were you nervous playing Tomorrowland for the first time?
I'm always a bit nervous and it was a special show for sure, but I played a nice house music set and it went very well. You are always a bit nervous to go onstage, but once you get started you forget about it and just enjoy it.

What caught your attention the most when looking out from the stage?
The crowd - the way they reacted, the way they enjoyed the music. I tried to feel if I was in the right vibe.

Did you premiere any new songs?
I didn't play my next tracks, but I played a lot of bootlegs. My favorite new mashup I played was with the new Justice track and the Kölsch remix of Groove Armada - “Love Sweet Sound.”
What's your relationship like with Martin Solveig?
We are friends. We play a lot together. Maybe one day we may work together.

Have you played with him at any of his My House events in Ibiza?
I did one last year and then just again two weeks ago.

How was that?
It was great. I played with The Magician and him.
Do you remember the first time you met Martin?
We are both French, but the first time we first met was at the Spinnin’ writing camp in Holland.

Do you have a favorite original track?
For sure, “Bullit.” It is special because it's the one that made everything happen and I never expected this track to be so big. The way I worked on this track was also really different from the way I had produced in the past. Normally I produce a track with a keyboard and start by making some chords, but this one was different. When I started to play with different elements, I found this combination between the flute and horn sound by accident. I was looking for some effects and I found the horn sound, played with it and really liked it.

Do you have a favorite collaboration you've done?
Well, I've only done two collaborations. Both times were at Spinnin’ writing camps. The first one I was with TAI and we did “Frequency” and the second one I was with Moguai and we did “Portland.” Both times were fun and we worked quite quickly. When you go into writing camps, you always bring ideas with you. For “Portland,” I came in with the synths and for “Frequency,” TAI had the piano and then we added the vocal sample. Then I went home and did the synths in the break. It was like a ping-pong.

Starting with “Bullit,” your music has huge artist support. Is there anyone playing your music that is surprising or especially meaningful?
Surprising...there are a lot because I didn't expect the support of big artists like Tiësto, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, guys like that.

Everything started when The Magician played “Bullit” in his Magic Tape show. I remember that day my SoundCloud shot way up! I saw a comment saying that the user found my Soundcloud profile because he discovered me in the latest Magic Tape. So it's always a really good feeling when I have support from The Magician or Pete Tong, because with Pete it’s very similar. I think it was a week later Pete Tong put “Bullit” as an Essential New Tune and my stock shot up! Those two guys are really special to me.
Yeah, The Magician always has some of the most watched IDs in his Magic Tapes.
I was talking with him and he was saying one of his things is to find tracks before they get famous, he's always searching for new tracks.

So how did he find “Bullit”?
I think it was just from a promo that was sent out. I think he was one of the first people the promo got sent to because he's more of a tastemaker.

You’ve had a very busy touring schedule this summer. What’s been your favorite show?
The My House party in Ibiza was really great. I also did a really nice festival in Germany, Parookaville. I've had a lot of shows this summer!
Was there a show that attended as fan, where afterwards, you felt like you wanted to produce music for a living?
Well let’s see, I’ve been doing music for quite some time now. To be really honest, when I started to get into music, I was a guitarist and I played in a rock band. I was a fan of Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC, bands like that. That’s how I started, when I was a teenager in school. And then I remember Daft Punk just exploded and it was a really cool way to do French music. French music was not big in the international market before then. I remember that’s when I got interested in electronic music because I also thought it’s something you can produce in your room; you don’t have to be in a big studio. And at that time it was quite a bit harder; you had to buy hardware, no laptops. That’s how I got interested in producing.
With that in mind, where do you produce now?
I don’t have a special soundproof room, just my bedroom with my synths, my guitars, my speakers, and that’s it. Simple. But in the past I had a bigger studio, and I think it didn’t fit me as well. I rather it be a bit rougher.
Any new music you can share?
I’ve got two new tracks in the Watermät sound. One will be released in October through Spinnin’ - I was just finishing it today!
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