Sep 28, 2021

Celebrating An Incredible September With The XDM Records Family

As we wind down September, we’re celebrating an incredible month of music on XDM Records. Founded by Broz Rodriguez and based out of Mexico City, the independent label is pushing Latin music and artists worldwide. It’s been our pleasure to work on many projects together over the years, including curating Day 2 of our Virtual Festival 3.0 together last year. With a mindset towards continued discovery, we go in depth on three key XDM releases with the artists responsible, Broz Rodriguez, LUJAVO, and CASUAL SX. Turn your speakers loud and read on for a look at the burgeoning world of Latin house! Vamos! 
Broz, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate an incredible month on XDM Records!
Broz Rodriguez: Hola familia! Thanks for having us, a big pleasure. 
Can you tell us some more about how this month’s releases came together?
Broz Rodriguez: This month, as you've said, has been incredible. We all know music is a bet, we never know how the actual community will take and adopt the music released. Good thing is that the dance music market loves to 'crate dig' and find new options for their ears, that's what keeps us here. At the end, what we just do is share our art and soul into every single we release, talking on behalf of the team, XDM Group.
These releases came together after not planning too much. We like to flow around creative sessions aimed to create new Latin dance music proposals. For example, LUJAVO has always been very dynamic in his way of producing; he was the first independent Mexican electronic artist to trend on Spotify back in the days. I discovered him through SoundCloud because of a remix request for “Danza,” an old release of mine. In other words, we just let things happen. Music speaks. 
How do the tracks represent the sounds that XDM stands for?
Broz Rodriguez: In the end, as Latinos, we're a very new community in the dance music ecosystem. Our goal is to mature and transcend. After understanding this, we at XDM Records decided to not limit electronic genres, we're just looking for special songs created by Latin dance music artists. The operational team behind XDM consists of passionate Hispanic humans in love with electronic music for many years.
Looking closer at your own release from September, “Bomboro,” tell us some more about the special place in your heart that the classic Latin song holds for you. Do you have any favorite memories of the track?
Broz Rodriguez: Yes I do! My parents used to play it at home and dance to it at our family events. I've got huge memories at the TIGRES U.A.N.L. STADIUM as well, the Mexican soccer team I have supported since I was a child. We played it at my wedding too! Good times.
When did you get the idea to bring the track to life for festival and club play in 2021? Talk to us about the elements that you wanted to preserve and how you updated the classic.
Broz Rodriguez: The song was recorded all over again, we didn't use any original samples. We decided to keep just the main hook and chorus of the song and adapt it to a non-stop powermix Latin house song. Franklyn Brooks took care of recording the vocals and trumpets from scratch, giving some extra arrangements to the new version. He's a Cuban instrumentalist living in Mérida, México, and MichaelBM is a producer from Mexico City who actually brought the first WIP version to the table.
Focusing in on “West” and “Que Bonito Es Volar” – what stands out to you about both records?
Broz Rodriguez: We get a good amount of demos per week, but we definitely like to be straight to the point and focus our energy on songs that will be sufficiently attractive for the community to accept them. “West” takes you on a musical journey while “Qué Bonito Es Volar” brings an interesting groove to be played in elegant 'for the culture' house dance floors. 
LUJAVO, you’ve been on fire since your release of “Calabria,” racking up over 50M streams in 3 months! What’s the reaction been like through your eyes?
LUJAVO: It is something incredible. To see that it’s now viral on Spotify in several countries like France, Norway, Colombia, and Argentina made it even more special. We believe very much in this track, but it surpassed our expectations!
How did you come together to work with SIAS? What stands out to you about the duo and what made “West” the right track to collaborate on?
LUJAVO: This collaboration came together because I was introduced to SIAS a while ago. When they showed me some drafts of songs to collaborate, “West” was the first one I chose. I actually got to share a sneak peak of the first draft of “West” during EDC México last year and that was actually the first time we met in person!

CASUAL SX, we first took notice of you guys after the release of “Quizas” on XDM! What made that record special to you and how was the reception through your eyes?
CASUAL SX: First of all, thanks for the invitation guys! XDM is family to us and that makes everything easier. The reception was awesome because of the unity and the love that we have in our community.
What made “Que Bonito Es Volar” the right tune to return on XDM with?
CASUAL SX: “Que Bonito Es Volar” is another good example of our signature Latin house sound. As you can hear, we always use vocals or get inspired by Latin musicians. Then, we create our own remakes of the songs, so XDM always supports our Latin adaptations.
Can you tell us some more about the vocal and building the production around it?
CASUAL SX: Well the vocal is from a classic song called “La Bruja.” It's a 'son jarocho' from years ago that we took a part of and made it our style of Latin house. It was actually a really long process. At first we had a totally different track, but in the end, with a lot of work and awesome feedback from our team, we ended with this amazing piece.
We’ve started to see live shows returning, so what effect has that had on you personally and for your music? Can you share any upcoming plans for music or gigs?
Broz Rodriguez: Of course. First of all, the pandemic situation made me meet LoFi and meditation music. I recently started a project with my wife Momis Alanis called SUPER TRANKKI. You can listen to us if you like to chill and relax. We actually have a new EP called Luna Llena coming October 27th with five songs. 
CASUAL SX: It’s awesome that finally everything's coming back! At first with the pandemic we thought like any artist that you can get frustrated about the situation, but at the end we got more into our music.
LUJAVO: Live shows have a very positive effect on me, they fuel a lot of good things and there’s nothing better than people’s energy while dancing and singing at the live shows.
Can you share any upcoming plans for music or gigs?
Broz Rodriguez: Regarding shows returning, yes... 100%! Super happy to be back on the road. Been doing various club gigs lately and it is cool to feel the crowd again. Mexico is not yet in the situation of the USA but we will get there, vaccines are moving. My first big festival is happening this upcoming November 13th at VDC along with artists like Mariana Bo, Gian Varela, STARX, Maahez, Pauza, and many more. Halloween shows coming in hot too. These kinds of events have got me back in the studio creating dancefloor music so expect a lot of new stuff!
CASUAL SX: We are working on our tour in countries like Costa Rica, Colombia and México... just to mention a few. Stay tuned in our socials for more info on the tour.
LUJAVO:  Right now I’m putting all my attention and focus on a new album that hopefully will be released in 2022, so all the live shows might happen after that next year.
And as we look ahead, what's keeping you motivated, creative, and excited on a daily basis?
Broz Rodriguez: My passion for music, my passion for entertainment, my passion for technology, the opportunities crossing by, my a-team, friends, fans, and of course, the signals that life sends to us. I feel everything happens for a reason. If we balance work and money with activities and hobbies, that's the score. I know our industry has been badly damaged by Covid, but this will change and we will continue to move on. Keep doing what you love and you'll see. I can't wait to keep meeting new humans because of music!
CASUAL SX: The love and passion that we feel about music is the most important thing, because we live to share what we feel when we produce or when we are at a show. CASUAL SX music is about giving and inspiring others.
LUJAVO: What drives me and keeps me motivated and excited is connecting with the people on every level with my music and my art. I really want to transmit what I feel when I listen to my favorite artists.
Connect with Broz Rodriguez: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with CASUAL SX: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with LUJAVO: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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