Apr 10, 2018

Benny Camaro On Fire

Benny Camaro has been pumping out big time tracks since the start of 2018, and we were excited to chat about these tracks. Two were collaborations with Robbie Rivera which were released on an EP, and “Feel The Same” is a soothing yet funky house track just released on No Definition. Read on to get to know more about Benny and these tracks as well as his approach to producing and DJing and what it’s like working with Robbie Rivera!
Can you talk about your musical direction in 2018 and the sounds that you're now going for?
My musical style is a clear return to the 90s sound, which had a certain magic in the world of music. A unique melody that together with electronic music, more specifically tech house and techno has a certain charm... and this charm won me over again.
What was it like working with Robbie Rivera on the two tracks that you guys just released?
Robbie is a fantastic person, who immediately believed in my potential. Our projects range between house and tech house as our EP shows and I'm happy that we created something new. It's been great to work with him, we understand each other wonderfully!
Can you talk about both tracks with Robbie, “Touch Me” and “Don't Give Up,” and what the inspiration behind each was? How did these tracks progress from the initial idea to final product?
“Touch Me” has a more refined taste. In this case, the idea started with a tune that had been on my mind for some time (I imagine melodies in my head before writing them) and when I suggested it to Robbie, he immediately felt energized and inspired! The result is “Touch Me,” a fluid and cool track with a captivating groove.
“Don't Give Up” is definitely more “Rivera Style” and you can hear it from the first kick – it's a very techno and tough track with a soft heart. In it you hear all of Robbie's rhythmic experience that I can only proudly admire.
Let's jump into “Feel The Same”  where did the vocal come from for this one and how did you go about integrating it into the production?
The idea for “Feel the same” was born with the desire to bring to people an emotion that I had in my head. For this reason, I spent a lot of time looking for the right vocal to make sure that the track is enjoyed in all its nuances. My intention is to create a real musical journey that you can both dance to in a club, and listen to in your Spotify playlist.
How have these three tracks been working for you in your sets?
My sets are very personal, I have neither a ladder nor a schedule, I follow my instinct! When I get on the console, I feel the vibe of the place and the audience and I start mixing. My track selection represents who I am and my state of mind. Luckily, I usally get great feedback from the dancefloor and I can always feel the heart of those who dance to my music.
How are the summer months shaping up for you?
Great programming, but as always there will be big surprises, because you can never know what the future holds for us. Certainly there will be new projects, new collaborations and new life! I invite you to keep yourselves updated on my social networks.
You can buy/stream your copies of “Feel The Same” and “Touch Me / Don't Give Up” today! 
Connect with Benny Camaro: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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