FATUM's Exclusive Mix

Aug 07, 2017
FATUM's Exclusive Mix
Today we’re thrilled to bring you FATUM’s Exclusive Mix! The super group, consisting of Bill Hamel, Chad Newbold, Bruce Karlsson, and Daniel Davis, have become key figures on Anjunabeats and Armind over the past few years with their quality trance & progressive productions. In the midst of a busy and successful summer for FATUM, we caught up with Daniel Davis to discuss the group’s unique make-up, recent productions, and big fall plans!
How’d you approach your exclusive mix and how does it compare to your live sets?
Daniel Davis of FATUM: This mix is actually a good representation of our live sets. Because we have produced such a wide variety of music over the years, we feel it’s necessary to play as much of our original productions as possible. This mix showcases a lot of the music we like to play live, combined with some of our FATUM classics. 
What was the initial inspiration and sketch like for “On My Own”?
FATUM: “On My Own” started off as basic piano chords and melody. When we sent it to Angel Taylor, we had no idea what to expect as it was our first time working together. When she sent back the first verse and chorus over our musical bed, we were blown away and instantly knew it was going to be a summer hit.
How does your approach differ when working on a vocal vs. instrumental track?
FATUM: The approach is similar yet different. When we are producing a vocal original, we want to do our best to let the vocal “breathe” and tell the story. If the vocal is poorly written or if the topline isn’t catchy, there is not much you can do production wise to make it any better. This is why we feel that songwriting is one of the most important aspects to the production process. However, if the vocal is done well, as is the case of “On My Own,” the production process becomes much easier for us. We want to do whatever we can to enhance not only the sonics of the vocal, but create a musical setting in which the vocalist’s story can be told.
In terms of instrumentals, we typically do the same thing, except we make sure that the production and engineering of the song is as interesting as the musical backbone. Because there isn’t a vocal to help guide them through the song, most listeners will focus on other aspects such as basslines, melodic content and arrangement. It’s all about eliciting an emotional response from the listener and we tend to convey that not only with the musicality of the song but also the production and engineering.
What do you guys like about Angel Taylor’s voice and what makes it so well suited for “On My Own”?
FATUM: Angel is unique, and original. She has a sense of style and emotion that she brings to all of the songs she has written with us. It’s unparalleled to any other vocalist we have worked with before. The reason she sounds so good in “On My Own” is because it’s just as much her work of art as it is ours. 
We’re loving “Justice,” guys – can you take us through that production?
FATUM: “Justice” was just a fun tune that we did for the summer season. We wanted something that was a little bit more melodic rather than our bassline-driven tunes. The process remained the same as all of our other tunes, except we just wanted to do something a little bit different in terms of the musical approach. So we decided to write a melody and chords and have a simple bassline just follow that progression. Once we had the chords and hook written, it was then just about finding the right sounds and arranging it. 
You guys are such a unique group having four members, so what is the production workflow like between you guys? How does your experience in each of your other projects, such as Bad Royale and Judah, influence your productions as FATUM?
FATUM: Honestly, it helps tremendously that we all have other external musical outlets. It’s cool because it allows us to explore so many different musical influences, which we feel only gives us more tools to work with when coming together to produce FATUM material. With the success of Bad Royale and the previous Norin & Rad, Bruce Karlsson brings a totally different approach to creating many of the basslines for most of our productions. My experience with Judah allows me to bring a fresh flow of writing melodic content, which has been the backbone for the majority of our songs. Bill Hammel has been in the business for years. Not only has he been once previously GRAMMY nominated but also has produced for some of the music industry’s elite. Chad Newbold is a music mogul and has created a variety of successful businesses across the globe. When you put all of us together into one room, stuff gets done. We have learned to bring the best out of each other. We allow ourselves to excel at our strengths and ask for help in our weaknesses. It’s a fantastic process working with everyone and we really feel like we are in the groove in terms of workflow.
Any big plans for the fall you can share with us?
FATUM: A ton of new music! We hope to continue to finish plenty more music before the end of the year. We have a lot of momentum going and we don’t plan to stop. Our PR, marketing and radio team has continued to grow and we have a ton of interest from club promoters all over the world. Needless to say, we will be on tour again soon.
You just won the fan-voted, first annual “Global Journey DJ Battle” presented by Brussels Airlines in partnership with Tomorrowland. Congratulations! What can fans expect?
FATUM: Yes we did! It was an honor to win the competition and appear at Tomorrowland. Music-lovers from around the world will also be able to hear FATUM when we do a live, two-hour “takeover” from the studios of DASH Radio in Hollywood on August 23rd. Our single, “On My Own,” is also airing across various iHeartRadio FM stations across the country. We’ll also be back to the east coast to play at HAUS Nightclub in New York City during NY Fashion Week in September, and much more. Be sure to follow our socials and check www.FATUMmusic.com for updates.
Connect with FATUM: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify 

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