Aug 26, 2016

LVNDSCAPE Artist Reveal & EP Announcement

Following his hit collaboration “Is This Love” with Bolier, LVNDSCAPE announced today that he is the artist behind one of Spinnin’ Records' biggest ID tracks, “Everyday My Life,” and will be releasing a 5 track EP! LVNDSCAPE joined us to discuss his work with Bolier, his “Everyday My Life” track, and what to expect from his upcoming EP.
Your collaboration with Bolier, “Is This Love,” has been a hit soundtrack for this summer. What has the success of that track meant to you?
It's really awesome to see that a new generation can relate to an iconic artist like Bob Marley and hear his fantastic music. Most people have heard and love his music obviously, but I still think there are people that need to hear his work since he has been of such importance to the world and to the music industry. It's a huge honour to have officially been able to do something with Bob's work and to see that people actually like it is one of the best compliments I've ever had.
You’ve collaborated with Bolier before and you both have remixed each others tracks. What was the biggest strength Bolier brought into this production?
We both have our own styles and we thought it would be great to try something out together. And that's when “Ragga” happened! Our collaboration felt so natural, so we decided to do another one after a tip by our A&R manager, Jorn from Spinnin' Records. “Is This Love” was the next project and with Bolier's great sense of atmosphere and awesome skills at proper pumping beats, I feel this turned out quite fresh and unique.
How familiar were you with the original “Is This Love” track before this production? What about with Bob Marley & the Wailers?
I'm pretty familiar with Bob Marley's work. I see it as homework I got from my parents when I grew up. So you can say I'm a big fan since I put on his work quite often. And especially during summer!
Did you feel hesitation or added pressure to take on the challenge of bringing such an iconic track up to date and into the dance music realm?
To be honest, there was no pressure at all since it all started as a fun project really. We started without knowing if it would even be heard by anyone other than our A&R at Spinnin' Records. It would've been completely different though if we got an official request to do something with Bob's work. Especially since we eventually had to get full approval from the Marley family.
What was the inspiration for “Everyday My Life”? How’d you choose to use that vocal sample and what does it mean to you to put a fresh take on it?
I used to listen to a Dutch house music CD series back in the day. One track on there was Dajae - “Everyday My Life” and I've always loved those vocals so much. So when I started working on the EP I came across an acapella of these exact vocals and just started messing around with it. I wanted to do a more uptempo track that was suitable for dance floors. The production process went really smoothly and pain-free actually. Probably because the vocal is so awesome and just inspired me a lot along the way.
Why did you choose to remain anonymous when “Everyday My Life” was initially put out? What’s the waiting game for your artist reveal been like?
Together with Spinnin' Records, we decided to see what the reactions would be without connecting it to the LVNDSCAPE name right away. I want to try out different things because I like so many styles, and this seemed like a good opportunity to see what the audience would think of the song without being biased I guess. I've been really excited about revealing the EP as LVNDSCAPE. I've worked on it for months to get everything right and I'm just so eager to share it with you guys :)
With this track being included on your upcoming EP, how does it signal what listeners can expect from your the EP?
This EP is a glimpse of where I'd like to go with LVNDSCAPE. “Everyday My Life” is probably the most uplifting track on the EP I think and that's one direction of sound LVNDSCAPE stands for, but at the same time other songs on the EP go deeper. “Sunkissed” and “Himalaya” for example are more melancholic. LVNDSCAPE is not one genre or mood per se - LVNDSCAPE can be anything - as long as I still feel it's quality and has a soul.
How did you pick the title of the EP?
The V stands for the five songs on the EP and is also the V from LVNDSCAPE!
Are there any stories or specific inspirations tied in with any of the songs that you can mention?
“Himalaya” is one of my personal favourites on the EP. I wanted to do something (almost) instrumental that was all about feelings and melodies and where no vocal would dictate the song too much. Fun little fact: this song was finished in June 2015 and I almost forgot about it after doing other songs. When I got the chance to do an EP, I was so happy we remembered “Himalaya” and was super excited that we could include it on this release!
LVNDSCAPE V  EP Tracklisting:
1. LVNDSCAPE – “Everyday My Life”
2. LVNDSCAPE ft. Bright Sparks – “Sunkissed”
3. LVNDSCAPE ft. Mingue – “Bigger Than This”
4. LVNDSCAPE – “Himalaya”
Connect with LVNDSCAPE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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