Planet Curbi Episode 10

Jun 16, 2016
Planet Curbi Episode 10
Last week we caught up with Curbi to talk about his recent release, "Triple Six." Today we are back to learn some more about the talented UK producer and his radio show Planet Curbi. Enjoy the 10th episode below!
Do you have any particular goals or objectives with each episode of Planet Curbi?
I usually try and find my favorite tracks and tracks that really stand out. The unique tracks, that sort of stuff. I try and find those tracks which really stand out to my ear and not what I think is popular, commercial or such. I just try and play cool tracks because that’s what I try to make myself.
How do you select your music?
I find them online by myself. I check my promo mail sometimes, but to be honest, most of the stuff on there I’m not that keen on playing. I just find my music online and dig deep on SoundCloud. I got to some weird places on SoundCloud. That’s pretty much it.
What do you think are the biggest differences between your radio show and your live sets?
When I first started Planet Curbi, I was a little bit cautious of what to play, but now I’m at a point where I literally just play anything that sounds cool to me. I really try to build my live sets up. I start with techy stuff and work my way up to my own tracks. I play anything from tech house to “Butterfly Effect.” With Planet Curbi there’s more, I wouldn’t say freedom, but just a mix of tracks, in that I’ll play anything in Planet Curbi. It’s nice to build the show up, but I don’t think that really matters as much with a radio show. You aren’t really warming up a whole festival or club; it’s a radio show. Another difference is that I want to get to the point with my live shows where I’m playing all my own tracks.
How would you describe your DJ style?
I haven’t been DJing for that long. Depending on what show and slot I have, I try and build it up from nice deep, techy tracks to my own stuff. As I said, I want to get to the point where my live show is all my own music. That might even start with me playing my own techy stuff.
The stuff that I’m making at the moment is really energetic and big tracks. I think I’ll get to the point where I’m producing everything. That’s for me what an artist is. You make every genre, but in your own sound and style. That’s what I really want to focus on for the future.
If you weren’t DJing much before, how were you getting feedback on your tracks?
I did send my tracks to a lot of people across Facebook, other producers and DJs, but I didn’t really get that much feedback. They were just saying, “Oh this is good, keep it up.” They weren’t actually giving me in depth feedback. I just had to listen to the club tracks myself and get the vibe.
Where does the name Curbi come from?
Curbi came from my second name because I have a double-barreled name - it’s Curwen-Bingley. ‘Cur’ out of Curwen and the ‘bi’ out of Bingley. That kind of represents both sides of my family, which I quite like. It’s really nice for me. Family and friends are very important to me.
Do you currently pursue music full time?
I do music full time now. I didn’t finish college; I left college to focus on music. That was at the start of this year in January. With the way I am now, I feel a lot better than when I was in school. It was difficult to balance especially when exams were taking place.
Who were some of your early inspirations?
I got into dance music when I was around 13 or 14. Like proper, proper got into dance music. Before that I was listening to almost anything. I started out listening to hardstyle and hardcore, that sort of stuff, specifically a guy named Darren Styles. He’s an inspiration for me. But you have the big guys too like Skrillex and obviously Oliver Heldens. “Gecko” was a massive inspiration for me. It made me realize I need to try and do something a little bit different because “Gecko” was so different at that time.
What are your career highlights thus far?
I’m not sure because everything has just happened. It’s a really difficult question. Obviously when I first got signed to Spinnin’ Records, that was a big one. That was my goal when I was making music. It was just a hobby when I was in school and then I got signed to Spinnin’. I wouldn’t really call that part of my career, I’d say my career started when I was signed to Spinnin’.
Is there a show that you attended (not performed at) that stands out above the rest?
Well I never attended a show as a fan. The first nightclub I went to was last year with Pep & Rash at a local club. It was the first time I went into a proper club. Before then I never went to see any DJs or producers as a fan. Online I used to watch sets and stuff from across YouTube.
What are your plans for the rest of 2016?
I haven’t played a show in the US yet, but I really want to. The last time I went to America was when I was 9. I’m seeing all the big guys play there and I really, really want to. I think I’m either playing there towards the end of this year there or next year!
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Pep & Rash - Rumors (Curbi Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
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