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May 24, 2021

Korolova's Exclusive Mix

Korolova is one of the hottest names in the progressive house & melodic techno scene today! Fresh off a collaboration with Jan Blomqvist, as well as her debut release on Tiësto’s label AFTR:HRS, she’s prepared a special Exclusive Mix recorded live on a lake in Ukraine. Our interview highlights her work with Alexander Alar, including their latest release “Symphony,” her consistent output of breathtaking live sets, and much more! Enjoy!
Korolova, thanks so much for taking the time for us. We’re really excited to celebrate your breathtaking live set! You always impress with your live sets and locations, so can you tell us some more about what goes into the scouting, planning, and preparation to make these incredible mixes come to life.
Hi guys! To prepare a mix for your platform is a great honour and pleasure for me. First of all, the most important thing is the music selection. To find music for each set on Beatport was difficult earlier. It is easier now because I get music from top labels and artists directly. As for location, our planet has so many beautiful places. While traveling we always carry all of the needed equipment and search for interesting places nearby. 
Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix and the location on site on the lake, how did you approach this set and how might it compare to what we would hear from you in a club gig currently?
We started to think over the location the moment that we received the invitation for the mix. First we had plans to shoot near the castle at Kamianets-Podilskyi (you can find that mix here). We booked the hotel not far from the city at a picturesque place. The moment we reached the hotel we were impressed by the beauty of the location and the decision to record the mix there was made immediately. As for the music, I chose tracks specifically to match the setting. 
Diving deeper, can you highlight three tracks included in this mix and why they stand out to you?
I would like to highlight an unbelievably atmospheric remix by Yotto that begins my set. Also tracks by Nora En Pure and Innellea.
Some of your fans may know, while others may not, but before Korolova you also had a very successful more EDM focused project. Can you tell us some more about your decision to put all of your time and energy into the Korolova project 
That’s true! We have one more project with EDM music named Da Queen. If you translate my surname Korolova from Russian language to English, you will get the word “Queen.” We toured in more than 70 countries with that project and performed at many of the biggest festivals. Now I focus on the Korolova project because it touches my soul. Earlier I always felt a lack of time for this music, but with the onset of Covid, the situation changed and we put all of our free time and effort into this very style of music. And I am so happy nowadays that this project is becoming more popular with each and every day.
Building off the previous question, we’ve really seen progressive house and melodic house & techno take off over the past two years. How do you view the state of music with respect to those genres?
Yeah, during the last couple of years this style has been very popular and I think it will continue to gain popularity. This music is very emotional. It can give you much pleasure while listening to it live or just in the car while travelling for example.
The combination of you and Alexandar Alar [pictured above] is really magical! Talk to us some more about your relationship and your chemistry in the studio and behind the decks.
I have become very good friends with Alexander, though we got acquainted only a year ago at a yacht party in Odessa. From the very beginning we understood that we had to create something together. And after our first release we decided to continue making music together. He is a really positive and pleasant person, so to work with him is a great pleasure for me. I am really glad that we have such a shared vision for music together. 
“Symphony” is looking to be a big release on Tiësto’s label AFTR:HRS! What has you excited about that release?
The team from Tiësto’s label AFTHR:HRS are really great professionals. They’ve done a really great job in the promotion of this release. We received support from many top artists like Tiësto, R3HAB, Kryder and many others earlier before the release which had me really excited.  
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you motivated and looking forward? Do you have any summer plans that you’d like to share?
My daughter is my main motivation. I always want to give her all I can, like education, show her the right values in life and I do my best to make her happy. I am really pleased and satisfied that she likes my music and tells everybody that her mother is Korolova.
As fo plans, I have six new tracks that are waiting to be released. Will share the information with you soon.
Thank you very much for the interview and support. Hope everyone likes my set!
Alexander Alar & Korolova - "Symphony" is available to download/stream on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Korolova: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
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