Apr 19, 2021

Miss Monique's Exclusive Mix

We’re honored and excited to bring out an Exclusive Mix feature with one of the budding stars in the melodic techno & progressive house scene, Miss Monique! Fresh off her first tour since the pandemic started, we highlight Miss Monique’s shows in Argentina, recent productions including her stand out Sean & Dee collab, growth of her label Siona Records, upcoming release on AFTR:HRS, and much more! Turn it up for 60 minutes of unmistakable grooves, it’s Miss Monique in the mix!
Miss Monique, thanks so much for taking the time for us. We’re so excited to celebrate with your Exclusive Mix! Starting off though, you’ve just returned from your first tour abroad since the pandemic started. How did it feel to be back on tour?
Hi, it’s a big pleasure to talk to you. Yes, it was my first tour in the past year. Not sure if I can find the words to describe my emotions from this trip. I'm a big fan of the South American crowd, but to see them all after a year and a half, it is like a feeling when you are in love – you can't wait to meet them, and when you finally see each other, you hold on to every second of the time spent together. 
What did you like most about the shows in Argentina? What is the crowd like there and what made the shows special?
I really like the people and their unique vibes. Argentinians are absolutely in love with electronic music, especially with progressive & melodic techno. During the party I enjoy every minute and no matter how many hours my set is (usually 3-4 hours), with this crowd I always want to play longer! They are a supercharger of my best emotions!
You’ve become one of the most popular progressive and melodic DJs both on 1001Tracklists and in those respective scenes. How do you approach your DJ sets and look to create a flow? 
It’s a pleasure to hear these kind of words from you, thank you. Usually I spend four to six hours a day searching for new releases and I’m always trying to find something interesting for my listeners.
Progressive house and melodic house are two genres that seem to be growing in strength in recent years. How do you view the state of music with respect to those genres?
I’ve played this music since I started my DJ career in 2011 and I’m proud that these genres are becoming so popular now and we can hear this sound in every part of our planet. 
Lost on You · Miss Monique - Way of the Wind EP
You just released a solo EP, Way Of The Wind. Can you highlight one of those two tracks and what makes it special to you?
Honestly I would say that both of these tracks are special to me because of the label. Lost On You has a huge role in charitable activities. All royalties from sales of the releases they spend for charity. I was more than happy to have a chance to be part of this label and make good things together. 
“Valhalla” is a fantastic collaboration together with Sean & Dee. Do you remember when you first heard the guys' music and/or met? What was your impression?
Thank you! It was a pleasure to work with the guys. I think I found them a few years ago, it’s hard to say from what track I recognized this talented duo, but I remember that I was in love with their sound and especially how fat and groovy their tracks are.
We’re excited to also share some inside scoop on one of your new tracks, a collaboration coming out on AFTR:HRS: Miss Monique & Nahue Sintes ft. Josefina Amon - “Don’t Come Back.” What can you tell us about this one?
This was an interesting situation. At the beginning, the guys sent the track as a demo for my label Siona. When I heard it, I was in love with the vocal part and the main idea of the track as well. I was thinking to make a remix, but later realized that I can add something more in this sound and you will hear soon the final result, our upcoming collaboration on AFTR:HRS Records.
We’re slowly approaching two years of your label Siona Records! What have been some of the highlights along the way and what do you still hope to achieve in the future with the label?  
I’m happy to see that the label is growing with great results! Less than two years and Siona is in the Top 10 most sold labels of Progressive House on Beatport. Of course we are still young and there are so many things which we will open for ourselves in the future and probably step by step everything will be more difficult, but I hope we can continue to grow in the same way like we did the last two years – continue to have talented artists and great releases on Siona. 
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you inspired and creative?
I find inspiration in my listeners always, and of course in the music and travels. Actually I can’t even imagine my life without these three things.
Connect with Miss Monique: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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