Turn Up The Speakers In 2020

Jul 02, 2020
Turn Up The Speakers In 2020
Much to the delight of fans, Chico Rose has just released his highly anticipated 2020 tech house remix of Afrojack's and Martin Garrix's “Turn Up The Speakers.” We were thrilled to catch up with him to learn about how the remix came to life, his relationship with Afrojack, and more! Be sure to grab your free download of Chico's just released remix of “Turn Up The Speakers.”
Hey Chico, thanks for joining us today! Let's jump right into the release of your remix of Afrojack's and Martin Garrix's “Turn Up The Speakers.” How did the opportunity to release a remix for this legendary track come about? 
Back in January we were in Val Thorens, snowboarding, making music and having a lot of fun! Afrojack was brainstorming about his Ultra set and wanted to have something different with his own music. So I came with the idea to create a tech house remix of “Turn Up The Speakers.” And the remix was born. :D 
Do you have any strong memories of hearing the original of this track for the first time years ago? 
Oh yes! I remember the first time Afrojack and Martin Garrix played the song at Ultra Miami. It’s still such a banger. 
What did you want to do with your remix to bring the track into 2020? What was the production process like for you? 
So I wanted to create a nowadays version of the original song. I made a tech house bassline with the same rhythm as the lead of the original song. And with the first version we were blown away. I think the end result is really groovy. 
Were you able to catch Afrojack's livestream when he played the remix? How does it feel seeing the fans so hyped about it?!
It’s always amazing to see big DJs play your music. I think he played it in his Dubai live stream for the first time and I never had this many requests for a song. I’m happy to have just released it! :D
You also recently released a collaboration with Afrojack, “Cloud 9” feat. Jeremih. How did you guys come together to work on this one and what was it like collaborating again with one another? 
The workflow together with Afrojack is amazing. We started this song in Dubai and finished it in 2-3 days. We were really happy with the result, but still thinking about a feature artist. Afrojack came up with the idea of asking Jeremih and he was excited to work with us! Can’t believe that we have a song together with the legend Jeremih.
You've worked really closely with Afrojack and the Wall Recordings team over the years. Can you tell us about your friendship with him and what his support means to you? 
I’ve been working with Afrojack for five years now and our friendship is really good. I think we play a couple of games of Warzone everyday lol. Besides that we are working on a lot of new music every day. I feel really blessed to have him supporting my music. 
It's been an even busier month for you, as you've also released a remix for Tiësto ft. ILIRA - “Lose You.” What do you like about the original of this one and what did you want to achieve with your take? 
Yes! So Tiësto reached out to me on Instagram and said that he really loved my new song “Somebody’s Watching Me” and that he wanted a remix for his song “Lose You.” Couldn’t have been more excited so I started to work right away. I gave the song another vibe with some new chords and brought my sound to it. I’m really happy with the remix! 
While times are very challenging in the music industry and across the globe, what's something keeping you positive and something that you're looking forward to in the months ahead? 
Times are crazy. I never expected that it would take this long and not sure when we can play again. I’m focusing on my music and trying to release as much as possible. I can also be with my family and friends more, so that’s really positive.
Download Afrojack & Martin Garrix - "Turn Up The Speakers" (Chico Rose Remix) for free today! https://www.toneden.io/chico-rose/post/turn-up-the-speakers-chico-rose-remix
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