Trilane Are Back Better Than Ever

Apr 12, 2018
Trilane Are Back Better Than Ever
Swedish duo Trilane have the wheels in motion for their biggest year yet. In February they unveiled their fresh new branding in full animation and we took a close look at the motivation behind the change and what it means to the them. As the guys are coming off smash club records like “Can You Handle This” and “Blow Your Mind,” we of course got their insights into all of their new music!
In February, you guys unveiled your new branding in full animation. Can you tell us a little bit more about the change and how you feel this branding is a better representation of you and your music?
Through the years we have focused a lot on our music and very little on our branding. But we felt it was finally time to develop it and we are thus far excited about the results. We decided to go with an animated imaginative style with a fantasy world that we’ll be able to explore together with our fans. We love the idea of having creative freedom with the only limitation being our imagination, so we figured that inside our own fantasy world we would have that freedom. Within this fantasy world we will be able to illustrate our music visually and tell a story which we are really excited about.

The characters depicted are self representations, correct? What do you feel are key aspects of those representations of each you? How does your music and previous experiences influence the worlds that you are creating for these characters with the artworks and animations?
Yes the characters, Light and Chance, are representations of us. One of the key aspects is probably the hairstyles, haha. Light is somewhat of a tinkering engineer type of guy while Chance is more of a brainy hacker type, which we think figuratively ties in to our personalities in real life. They are both rebels fighting for the freedom of music, art and creativity in this world where media outlets are being suppressed by the government. This kind of represents how we think that music creation should just be free and not restricted by things like people’s expectations of what a certain genre sounds like or what sound is “in” right now. We love a wide range of music and think that it’s always best to be open minded, whether you are a listener or a producer.  

We think probably everything in our lives influence this world in some way since it’s a representation of us. Whether it’s music that we listen to, our own music, movies, trips, culture etc. For example we are both of Asian heritage and the big city that our characters are seen in is inspired by Asian metropolises. Also we have always been big gamers which has definitely influenced the art style we’ve chosen.

You’ve recently released “Can You Handle This,” an absolutely huge club record! Can you take us through the production process starting from the initial inspiration?
The track started out with the idea of making a completely brutal aggressive track, like a war zone converted into an EDM track haha. After looking through some samples we found a couple of bass loops which we chopped up and combined to form the foundation of the drop bass line. Then we had the idea to use some more oriental sounds in the track which resulted in the intro/breakdown and then we added some details like the police car sirens and gunshots to add to the mayhem. Lastly we recorded the vocal phrase to top off the track.

“Blow Your Mind” was another big dance floor weapon released under the new branding. What do you guys like most about that record?
Probably that the track is both unique/creative/weird but at the same time catchy/banging. We are really happy with how the sound design turned out and that the drop-vocal turned out as it did. That’s actually Robin’s newly woken voice recorded on an iPhone and then processed to hell and back.

Are these two releases indicative of what we can expect from Trilane moving forward? Consistent, club-friendly releases?
We wouldn’t say that we have our focus on only this particular style since we still do love melodic progressive as well as groovy and club friendly sounds at the same time. What you can expect is really good EDM, mostly in house tempo ;)

What extensions of the new brand can we expect? 
We do have big plans for creating a complete experience for our brand from storytelling, visuals and animations on both social media and for our live shows. We really want to make everything revolve around this new kind of dystopian and animated world where our characters subside.

Any other future plans or upcoming releases that you can tell us about?
We have an upcoming remix for Frank Walker and we will also be starting our own quarterly mixtape/radioshow called The Open World Broadcast very soon so be sure to check them out! We also have a bunch of new unreleased music coming later this year.
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