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Apr 01, 2018

Kid Massive's Exclusive Mix

Kid Massive has big plans for 2018. He's got a renewed focus on his own productions as well as his label Get Down Recordings, and with big international touring plans with dates stretching from Asia to South America, there was no better time to talk!
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does the track selection compare to your current live sets
I was excited to be asked to do this mix and thought what better way to showcase my label and the artists I’m involved in as well as other producers who represent the sound I stand for. I wanted to make it a journey through what I call the classic house sound to tribal and the bigger room sounds. Each genre is representative of what I actually play as a DJ in my sets. The key element in the Kid Massive sound is that it has to have groove and energy so no matter what type of set you might hear from me (underground Tech, Big Room or a Festival set), that will always be what I strive for.
Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in the mix and why they stand out to you?
First up would have to be Italian producer duo Skiavo & Vindes who are signed to my label Get Down Recordings. I’ve been championing them for the past few years and I believe that they have the quality and professionalism needed to break. Their sound is a great combination of House with the bigger sounds as showcased by their productions and remixes in this mix. Keep an eye out for these guys
I’m a big fan of Styline and his unique Power House sound. He takes the best of the more underground Tech sound and gives it that extra punch, I play a lot of music in my sets and have remixed a couple of his tracks including his Latin House anthem “Mas Que Nada” as well as having him signed to Get Down.
Finally, I would have to highlight my own productions in this mix. I’ve spent the last few years working hard to develop my own sound and feel I’ve made a re connection to what inspired me about House Music some 20 years’ ages. I’m really pushing the Latin and Tech House sounds and have some great releases coming up soon which all tie in to my last release “Getting Started, my reedit of “Supra Sumo” and my remix for Styline.
As someone who has been around dance music for quite some time now how do you view the recent development and changes within electronic music? Are there any trends that have you particularly excited for the future?
I’m really inspired by the shift towards Latin and Tribal, there are a lot of great producers coming from places such as South America with artists such as Natsch & Jordy Mad, Corx, Sunday Noise and more leading the way. These guys are all young but they have so much drive and talent it’s great to see them make such an impact in a relative short amount of time.
The classic term EDM is morphing into something different again which is interesting, that means a whole new generation of producers and fans will emerge paving the way for the scene to grow even more. All growth (as I see it) is positive as it benefits everyone regardless of which scene they represent despite what some “purists” think.
Can you tell us about some of your focuses and goals for 2018? What do you have in store for your label Get Down Recordings this year? You’ve mentioned to us previously your strong belief in having complete control over your own product and doing things independently, can you discuss that concept some more?
This year I’ll be focusing heavily on developing my label, working with and supporting new talent but also using it as a vehicle for my own releases. I’ve worked with a lot of different labels over the years and one thing I’ve come to realize is the more control you have over your content, the bigger impact you can make both on an exposure level but also financially. By controlling the output of music you can structure releases that work around certain important key dates such as ADE, Miami etc. And also you maintain the ability to license the content to other third parties such as labels, TV / film syncs and more as well as maintaining your own publishing which is important. Another key development this year is the upcoming launch of Get Down Samples in affiliation with Loopmasters, these releases will be on a monthly basis exclusive to Loopmasters launching on the 14th of April focusing on mainly Tech & Tribal sounds followed by a series of Get Down artist releases later in the year.
You’ve become quite a regular in Asia with touring in Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, and Bali for instance. How do you view the electronic music scene there and specifically the growth and acceptance of house music?
Asia is a great territory right now, there is so much growth and development in so many areas from personal to infrastructure and of course within music and creativity. Whilst it is still predominantly commercial in a lot of places there are now DJs / producers and clubs that are pushing the more underground side of things and developing spaces for the next wave of artists to use as platforms for their music. One example I can give is from Vietnam and is a dance music blog called Loop Central which was started only 9 months ago. It’s specially curated for the Vietnamese market and they are creating awareness of their own scene within Vietnam with huge success. By supporting local talent they are building local brand awareness and providing a platform for their own DJs and producers alongside their international content. I see these guys going global in the next 12 months.
You are planning an extensive tour in South America later this year, what’s the excitement level for that tour? What makes playing in South America special? How do you feel they are a good fit for your music?
South America is really making waves right now. Their unique sound is starting to hit the international scene and is something I’ve been championing for a while. What gives a track that Groove is the drums and if there is one thing they know how to do, it’s drums! From Latin to Tribal no one does it better than them! I’ve done previous tours of Brazil, Colombia & Ecuador which where all amazing experiences. It’s a culture that is steeped in history and is very vibrant and colorful and as a creative it’s incredibly inspiring!
Are there any other career aspirations or goals you still hope to achieve? You’ve been working on a new career planning/vision business as well right? What can you tell us about that or for people who are interested where can they reach you?
I have been working a lot with young adults and creatives over the past 1 1/2 years, helping these individuals with self development and giving them an insight into what it takes to create the career they would like by aligning themselves to who they really are rather than what everyone else’s tells them to be. Some of the highlights have been curating my own panel at last years Amsterdam Dance Event with Axtone and Mixmag joining me on the panel, giving a talk at the Tokyo Dance Music event (one of Asia’s leading electronic music conferences), as well as hosting my own master classes in Sapporo, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh, and here in the UK with some of the countries leading music colleges BIMM, ELAM & The Notting Hill Academy Of Music.
One of my goals this year is to raise even more awareness and help the industry by launching and hosting further events on my travels and through upcoming work with a large UK based charity that I hope to announce later in the year. I recently launched my own company ALIGN which will be an extension of the work I have done and will be doing in the future.
You can stay up to date on my travels, music, and general life on my socials!  
Connect with Kid Massive: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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