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Oct 10, 2017

You Are: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano enjoyed another summer of massive worldwide touring, but this year marked the start of something new for the Dutch duo, their first residency at the beautiful new Hï Ibiza. Their residency saw them take over the club for 13 Wednesdays with a host of special guests alongside them including Fedde Le Grand, Kryder, EDX, CID, and many more. In the main room those nights was Armin van Buuren, with whom they created a larger than life collaboration in “You Are.” Towards the end of the season, we caught up with Sunnery and Ryan to discuss the special collaboration and their highlight filled residency.
How’d your collaboration “You Are” come together with Armin?
Sunnery: We’re here in Ibiza at Hï right now, and it all started in the spirit of this party. We did the first two shows here, and then we were in a meeting in the head office at Armada in Amsterdam when Armin passed by and we started talking. We felt like we needed to do something to celebrate the joint residency, so we said let’s make a track.
Two days later we were in the studio. After that he was off for a week or so, and we were testing the track out initially during our tour, and sending new versions back and forth with him the whole time. It took 67 versions and then “You Are” was alive. It was a fun experience and it was fun to work with Armin, he’s really fast.
Ryan: And he wanted the track as well. He was like, “You guys really need to like the track so you’ll play it in your sets,” but we were really concerned like, “No you really need to like it.” We both need to play it out and we’re so happy that we have a track that we both can play.
What was it like collaborating with a trance artist? I would think your drum work would heavily influence the track in combination with Armin’s melody work?
Sunnery:  We thought it would be hard in the studio with a trance artist, but Armin loves the drums. And the funny thing is that Armin brought in the drums to “You Are” and we brought in the melody. No one would know that.
Ryan: Yeah, it’s the other way around!
We’ve seen lots of incredible videos of you guys together on stage dropping “You Are,” but in your mind, what’s been the best performance of the track together live?
Sunnery: Untold Festival in Romania [Check video below and Armin's full set here]. Armin brought us on stage and the energy was incredible. Unbelievable. The pictures, the videos, you have to watch it. The festival by itself is one of the craziest things ever, but when we played together it went to a whole new level.
What have been some other big tracks for you guys this summer?
Sunnery: “Drums Of Tobago” is still killing it in our sets. “La Vela” as well, which is coming out on our label soon.
Yes, you played “La Vela” for the first time at Ultra in Miami!
Ryan: Yes, we made it for Miami.
I remember you said you made it in the plane, right?
Sunnery: Wow, you’re good. That’s right and that one is working really well in our DJ Sets.
What have the extended sets been like for your residency here at Hï?
Sunnery: It’s been a lot of fun. We actually did a six hour set a few shows ago.
Ryan: We thought it would be hard, but it was maybe the best night of all so far.
You guys have had a really diverse selection of standout guests. Who have had some of your favorite sets?
Ryan: I really liked EDX’s set. I love his style and it fits the island perfectly.
Sunnery: I think the second set of Fedde Le Grand, he played a great set.
Ryan: Oh yeah, it was really housey!
Turning our attention to your label SONO, how do you guys see the progress there?
Sunnery: It’s going crazy. We have a lot of support from the groove guys – they want to release stuff on our label. And the feedback that we’re getting from other producers is really great. They keep commenting that they want to be on the promo list so it’s getting there. There are so many labels and so much music, to be getting attention from the big guys like Tiesto and Calvin Harris texting us saying they love the music and want to be on our promo list, it’s a big deal.
ADE this year, you guys are taking over AFAS live, how does that feel?
Sunnery: It feels really good, really big. We’ve played there a few times, but to be bringing Sexy By Nature there is really exciting!
Ryan: We also want to do something really different again this year so stay tuned and make sure you’re there!
You can get your tickets for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano's Sexy By Nature event at the AFAS Live here.
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