Going Deeper - Conversations

Jul 13, 2016
Going Deeper - Conversations
Going Deeper just launched a brand new monthly radio show called Conversations. Check out the first episode below and learn about how the show embodies their sound and tastes. In case you missed it, you can also learn more about Going Deeper and enjoy the Exclusive Mix they made for us last month!

Can you introduce Conversations and tell us about your goals for the show?
Yes, finally we decided to make a show, with a new episode each month like our previous podcast series. Our main goal for the show is to get closer to our listeners and also to provide some information about our gigs and upcoming events from our music life.
Where does the name Conversations come from?
To be honest - we really liked our podcasts, but we had some problems with iTunes because of the name. So, we decided to change it and make it more of a show format, where we talk with the people. That’s where it came from :)
How will Conversations be similar or different from your previous monthly podcast?
We never talked about the music or anything in our podcasts before, so now we will bring our listeners more information, interesting facts about the music we play, and whatever else. The musical format will be similar.
How do you think the show represents you as artists and the music that you’re influenced by?
We just love to make people happy through music. In the show we play some house tracks similar to what we’re doing with our productions, so it depends on the mood and it could represent us in different ways.
How did you select the tracks for the first episode? Is there any particular reason why you selected any of the artists/tracks for the episode?
We always try to select the best tracks for our taste. First, we choose the music that we like, which turns out to be around 16-18 tracks per month, and then remove anything is not appropriate for composition or mood. We played a lot of our new tracks in this episode because we have some tracks that people haven’t heard before. It’s very nice when you can showcase your new stuff in the show or somewhere else on your own!
How is the show similar or different to a Going Deeper DJ set?
The show is very similar to our performance on the construction material. We always begin smoothly and increase the pace. The differences may only be in the track selection, since in DJ sets we are trying to play more dynamic music so that people aren’t asleep on the dancefloor :)
What kind of moods or activities do you think the show is best suited for?
This show can easily lift your mood when you're sad, or it could enhance the joy, to be honest it’s difficult to say, because everyone is looking for something different.
Are there any shows from other artists that you regularly listen to?
There are a lot of cool shows, but the music that we play suits our tastes the best! :)
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short link 1001.tl/h7hjml

 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Going Deeper - Conversations 001 2016-07-08
Netsky ft. Digital Farm Animals - Work It Out (Digital Farm Animals Remix) [SONY]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Mako - Smoke Filled Room (Luca Schreiner Remix) [ULTRA]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Imani Williams ft. Sigala & Blonde - Don't Need No Money [RCA (SONY)]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Clare Sophia - Cold (Deep Matter & Damon Hess Remix)
bakuryu399 (75k)
Hannov - Run Around [SNIPPET]
bakuryu399 (75k)
DVBBS & Shaun Frank ft. Delaney Jane - La La Land (Going Deeper Remix) [KANARY]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Going Deeper ft. Mingue - Hold On [FLAMINGO]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Going Deeper ft. LZRZ - Closer [ARMADA]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Ellie Goulding - Something In The Way You Move (DEVI Remix) [REMARK]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Olly Murs - Kiss Me (VIVID Remix) [FREE]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Mari Ferrari - Hello, Hello (Going Deeper Remix) [SPINNIN']
yanhcik (19.9k)
Florian Picasso - Final Call (Mesto & Justin Mylo Remix) [PROTOCOL]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Bali Bandits - Toink [HEXAGON]
bakuryu399 (75k)
Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper - Till The End [SONY]
bakuryu399 (75k)