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EDX's Indian Summer Exclusive Mix

Sep 24, 2020
EDX's Indian Summer Exclusive Mix
No one in dance music has enjoyed a bigger week than EDX! Dropping his massive new single “Indian Summer” last Friday, EDX quickly followed that up with the landmark 500th episode of his No Xcuses radio show, in addition to a special celebratory live stream from breathtaking Positano, Italy. Amidst the incredible milestones, we were delighted to take some time to talk with Maurizio, who reflects on his journey to this moment, his signature “Indian Summer” sound, and maintaining a positive outlook and uplifting vibe throughout his career.
Maurizio, thanks for joining us today! It’s so great to have you back on Exclusive Mix duties for us and there’s loads to catch up on in our interview. Can you tell us what your summer looked like without your normally packed touring schedule?
You know, it’s been a crazy year. I was able to spend a lot of time in my home city of Zurich with my family, as well as working on my music, hanging out with friends and also helping my team out in the office. It was good to be reunited on the weekends and not always be away on tour constantly. I do love being on tour and I miss it, but I can’t complain about this summer, it was a great summer.
How has the pandemic impacted your creativity and productivity in the studio? Do you have any tips or tricks for other producers who may be struggling to maintain focus and positivity?
We are all individual in terms of what drives our creativity and motivation, as we have all grown up in different generations. Some of us have been doing this for many years, even decades, and everyone has a completely different history. I always stay very positive, work hard and continue to do what I love the most, which is to make music, hang out with my friends and have good meals with the family. I spent a few days in Italy and a few days in Spain during the summer so it’s been quite easy for me. This year’s events have shocked everyone though and it’s been very difficult having our regular lives turned upside down. Being away from friends and not being able to do the normal things in life that we are so used to definitely affects your creativity. I’m a very positive person though and the most important thing to remember is that a rainy day is always followed by a sunny day. Just think and stay positive and understand that this is happening right now, but that tomorrow will be different and most likely better. 
Turning our attention to your new single, “Indian Summer,” what was the inspiration, and how did you move from the initial idea to final production? 
I produced a lot of tracks last year as well as some this year. I’m trying to pick up some of my older styles and refresh them to see if they still work in today’s scene. Similarly to my other “Indian Summer” remixes, this track represents living life to the fullest, having a great time and being happy. 
Fans of yours will no doubt immediately think of your “Show Me Love” remix when they hear the term “Indian Summer.” Can you tell us some more about that term and what it means to your music?
The term “Indian Summer” for me represents good vibes and just being happy. I suggest going back through my discography and checking out the first “Indian Summer” remix from years back. To date there are between 5-7 remixes, all of which have the same vibe. Listen to them carefully and you’ll understand the evolution and what the “Indian Summer” remix means to me and what I’m trying to share with you guys. And absolutely, the “Show Me Love” remix was the production that gave the most power to my “Indian Summer” remix. 
“Indian Summer” is out on one of your own imprints, Sirup. Can you highlight a few other tracks or artists that you’ve been really impressed with on your labels during this period?
I’m not actually too involved in the day-to-day running of the label anymore. We’ve been releasing music since 2001 on the main imprint and it’s been a crazy journey. We will be celebrating 20 years of Sirup in 2021 so it’ll be a special year for all of us. We’ve pushed out a lot of great releases in our time and I really love the vibe and the direction that our A&R team have taken with the labels. There are a lot of new names and promising artists joining the roster, some of which I have been supporting heavily recently, so be sure to check out my No Xcuses Radio Show. There is so much music coming out of the label that we are supporting right now because it’s really great music. 
You’ve also just passed an incredible milestone with your 500th episode of No Xcuses! A huge congratulations from us. When you first started the radio show, did you ever expect to make it to 500 shows? In your eyes, how has the show progressed over time?
It’s been almost 10 years since the launch of No Xcuses and the idea behind it was to do something to say thank you to my fans, many of which were already showing immense support, especially in the US and some other markets. It’s been a great way to connect with the fans and give something back for free every week. The interesting thing was that it also helped me to stay up to date with new music and to be ahead of the game. I’m really looking forward to the next few years and for the 500th episode. I would never have expected when we started it that it would run for 10 years. 
You’ve done club shows, bus tours, and much, much more under the name! What are some of your hopes and plans for No Xcuses in the future?
There are a lot of ideas for No Xcuses. I love the weekly podcast angle, it’s a good way to reach the audience and give fans the consistency of something new every week. It’s something stable for people to enjoy, be it to work out to or, for those who have a more emotional attachment to the music, something to give them a feel-good vibe. We will definitely keep going and in the future may even think about having guest mixes. I’m not sure exactly how the touring schedule will be developing over the next few months and years but there are some touring aspects that we wanted to implement before and will continue to develop, for example hosting festival stages. I think this is the right moment to make the No Xcuses family a little bigger and hopefully something special can evolve out of these difficult times. 
The 500th celebration show included an incredible live stream from Positano. How did you pick the location and how did the atmosphere there play into your track selection and the celebration?
I’ve been releasing so many tracks recently that it was so great to just create this two hour No Xcuses Episode 500 journey. The first hour was filled with my favourite tracks of the last 3 decades and included some upcoming records, such as “Indian Summer.” Some of the tracks were picked by the fans on my socials so I’m definitely looking forward to everyone’s feedback.
The second part is the live mix recorded in Positano. Positano is a beautiful small village in the south of Italy which attracts people from all over the world because of its uniqueness as well as the generosity of the people that live there. The vibe is just incredible. There is so much sightseeing to be done and the sunset, the air, the noise of the water, it’s all so magical and I’m really happy it all worked out as it did so that I could show everyone my roots. 
And as we look ahead towards the fall and end of 2020, what has you excited?
I’m looking forward to the fall and the rest of the year, even though I don’t think touring will have resumed by then. Music wise, I have “Indian Summer” coming out of course, there will also be remixes and I would say two more originals before the end of the year, which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you guys. It’s always nice to see you guys here at 1001, you have built something incredible for our industry. We are all working really hard and you guys are helping us to put things together and promote our journey much more efficiently. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon and talking music!
You can download/stream "Indian Summer" on your platform of choice today! https://edxmusic.lnk.to/IndianSummer
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