Savi's Triumphant Return To Enhanced

Aug 08, 2018
Savi's Triumphant Return To Enhanced
It's been almost a year since Savi's last release on Enhanced, but the wait has been well worth it for new single "Your Love." Working together with the incredible vocalist DYSON, the song carries a particularly strong heartfelt message from both artists whose personal lives took center stage for the track's inspiration. To celebrate we sat down with Savi to discuss the latest release, continued work with Enhanced, major touring, and much more!
Hey Savi, you’re finally back on Enhanced Music. It’s been a while since you were last on the label with "Losin’ Myself." What’s new?
Hi yes, so awesome to be back! Damn that was back in September, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year! "Losin’ Myself" is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever released too, and has actually gotten a little momentum again recently. It’s doing like 4,000 plays a day on Spotify - if you haven't heard it yet you should go check it out!
The month after it came out The Chainsmokers started playing my remix of their hit song "Honest" in their live shows around the world & I released a collab with Dash Berlin that got picked up for full rotation on SiriusXM BPM radio in the winter so we worked that into spring and then I started working on new music. I had some stuff I wanted to put out but we sat on it to let the other records live and then it just felt a little stale to me so I spent some time writing new songs, as well as reworking some of the songs I knew I still wanted to put out. I did release a couple of official remixes though, one for the Lost Kings & one for Cash Cash. That along with touring the U.S has kept me extremely busy, but now I'm back and have a slew of new music with back to back singles on Enhanced starting with "Your Love"!
Your new single "Your Love" features vocals from DYSON. What’s the story behind the collab with her and the track’s meaning?
DYSON & I met accidently years ago actually. I was at Radar Pictures for a TV show meeting and the company was relaunching their music label Trauma Records, which was the original partner of Interscope that launched bands in the 90s like No Doubt & Bush. Anyway, they were looking to sign a new DJ & the head of the label happened to walk into my meeting & after a short conversation, set me up the following week to work with DYSON for one of their new artists. That demo got me signed to BMG and launched a new friendship with DYSON.
We worked on a few songs over the years trying to find the right song but when we wrote "Your Love" it was organic. DYSON had just ended her engagement and I just got out of a three year relationship and we were both having a really difficult time. Writing the song was actually very therapeutic. We just talked about our experiences and then the song kind of just happened. We shared a common experience of knowing that we had to get through the pain of letting go in order for the love we had to not destroy us, or our work. It took countless productions to find a way to truly capture the balance of the pain of the heartbreak with the feeling of knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I think when you hear the drop you will hear both the pain and the hope together.
Anyone who follows your Instagram can tell that you’re almost always DJ’ing - what’s the longest set you’ve ever played?
Ha kinda true! I think I did about 130 shows last year it was a lot, but I love what I do! Pretty sure my longest set was 7 hours in Miami at E11even. They are open 24 hours and I didn't even start until 4am but Miami is a city of zombies, and the after party at E11even is definitely the best in the US, if not one of the best in the world!
Any tips for up-and-coming producers/DJs?
Yes! First learn to actually DJ haha, so many of these young kids wanna press play and wave their hands in the air in front of millions of people, it doesn't work like that. I have been a DJ for years and it takes time to truly learn to DJ. Performing is something entirely different.
In terms of making music, learn to play instruments because they breathe so much more life into music! Not to take away from anything electronic because I love that too, but some of the best music is made using a combination of both. One of my favorite things I ever did was play the acoustic guitar line of my Chainsmokers remix and give the pattern a little hesitation, it really allowed for me to set up a drop using that line as a drop lead. I remember when I first heard the original I thought, damn, that lead in their hook is fire but that would make such a sicker drop.
Also surround yourself with people who know more than you do, and are more talented than you are. I am only as good as the people I work with and we all push each other to be better. I am constantly trying to learn more and progress! You have to do it every single day. 
With "Losin’ Myself," "Breathe It In" & now "Your Love," your Enhanced records always have an identity in the melody. How does that production process work for you?
Honestly it’s different for every song. Some songs I know right away what needs to happen, but some songs take as long as they take...sometimes years. It’s just about what feels right. 
I always send my demos to my close circle of artist friends as well. I am fortunate enough to work with some really great people and we all help each other out. I just did a song with Yoli Mayor known from America’s Got Talent and been working on that production for 8 months now, but still dont know what to do with the drop. I started sending it to friends for ideas because it’s a special song, and Yoli is one of the best vocalists you can find and I just want to get it right! Now that I am thinking about it, almost every song I have done has never been from the original production, maybe one or two, but typically in my writing rooms it’s always just basic ideas (chords/percussion) then the real magic happens after the writing sessions. 
New and unheard producers we should be on the lookout for?
Glad you asked! Yes - Telykast is definitely one to check out. Those kids are awesome and are making some really great music right now.  
Current DJ set weapon? One that always goes off?
Gammer - "The Drop" (Wooli Remix) is the best out there right now!
Your most recent Enhanced Sessions radio episode [full tracklist here] featured an impressive 26 tracks in 60 mins as it ebbs and flows brilliantly. Is this what people can expect in a live DJ set too?
Haha. Thank you and yes! I am a DJ's DJ. I'm definitley not afraid to jump genres or tempos and do it a lot throughout my sets. I love EDM, trap & future bass/dance pop, so I include all those genres in my shows. As I grow into more festivals though, I am absolutely looking forward to playing out more of my live show which isn't so tailored to the bottle service crowd you get in the clubs. 
If you’re not DJing/producing/doing anything music related, what else could we find you doing?
Honestly I am a workaholic, I work almost every day in some way wether it’s writing music, making edits for my live shows, working on my new project (which I can’t wait for everyone to find out about soon) finishing up the launch of my new SAVI merch line, shooting or editing my own videos or keeping up with the business side. I literally work at this every day.
I want to know I did everything in my power to succeed! I love to eat though and when I am home in LA I cook a lot which also makes me have to go to the gym to try and stay in shape for my shows because they are always high energy. Hustle doesn't sleep!
Lastly, what’s coming up in the world of Savi? Where can we catch you next & any upcoming productions?
So much new music coming. I don’t even know what to talk about first...wait actually yes I do haha, my next single is called "Ballarena" with Aleesia (known for her mega hit "Gold Skies" with Martin Garrix/DVBBS) & a new artist named Joseph Wray. It’s the perfect song for where I am in my career right now and it’s out next month on Enhanced! 
Also, finishing a big song with Taryn Manning right now who is a huge actress and been a friend of mine for years. Some people don’t know this but she has been making music for years as well and I wrote a very special song with her that is almost done, which will probably be next after "Ballarena.”
Then I have about 10 other songs in the pipeline but don't want to talk too far out. As for shows, my next few shows are on the 18th in Miami at E11even, the 27th in Atlantic City at Premiere, Sept 8th at Omnia in San Diego & Sept 9th at Drais in Las Vegas come check me out if you are in the area!
"Your Love" with DYSON is available now on Enhanced Music -
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