Nov 29, 2021

Paul Mayson Drops Third Sony Single Of 2021

Paul Mayson joins us again, fresh off his third major release of the year, "Don't Let Me Down" ft. Zac Pajak. It's been a really successful year for Paul as his Sony releases have earned global attention, and we can expect Paul to stay red hot as we head into 2022. 
Hey Paul, great to have you back again today! How have the past few months been for you and what have been some of your personal and/or musical highlights? 
Thanks for having me guys! It’s been a great year for me personally, and really exciting to be back with this new track. Honestly, just being back and releasing the music that I’m really passionate about has been such a big highlight for me. I had a vision to bring back the nostalgic, positive and liberating feeling of electronic music through these records and it’s just been a really fun process so far. Earlier this year I teamed up with American Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Saint Sinner for the release of "Believe" followed by my second single "Can’t Trust The Way I Feel." Now "Don’t Let Me Down" is the third and final record for this year. I’ve always had a huge passion for house music and club culture so it’s been amazing to see these tracks do well within that community, and also introduce me to a wider audience. Becoming MTV Push Artist and XITE Kickstart Artist this year and seeing bigger radio stations support my music was really great and I can’t wait for what’s next.
As you mentioned, you're back with your latest single, "Don't Let Me Down" ft. Zac Pajak. How did you come to work with Zac on this one? When did you first meet Zac or hear his music? 
I met Zac a few years ago. He’s a really cool writer, he worked on songs for artists like Major Lazer, Raye and Mr Eazi. He also has an incredible voice himself so I really wanted to get him on a record. I had an instrumental that I thought would be a cool fit and we started writing the vocals together in Amsterdam during ADE. After that I flew to London and finished the song with him. It became a really interesting collaboration for both of us because we really stepped out of our comfort zones and pushed each other to do something different. The record feels super eclectic which I think is really cool.
Take us through the production – how did you build the track and integrate Zac's vocal into it?
It’s been a really fun record to produce because I got to incorporate lots of sounds and influences from other genres that I love. I always try to keep pushing my boundaries as a producer and songwriter and for "Don’t Let Me Down" I incorporated r&b and soul sounds into a house music production, at a slightly slower BPM than usual and with a lot of attention to the songwriting as well. For the instrumental part after the chorus I even went for a bit of a reggae pattern with the guitars, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I feel like all of these different elements and styles came together in this track, which made it special for me. Also things like the Rhodes piano, the analog synths and live guitars added a lot of warmth to the track, together with Zac’s voice. I just love house, soul, disco and r&b music and I appreciate these ‘warmer’ sounds a lot in music. The song was written in the fall and it has that cosy feeling which is perfect for the time of the year we’re entering now, yet it still has that strong electronic basis and an uplifting pop hook which I love.
Do you have any other tracks in the pipeline that you can tell us about? 
Definitely, I’m constantly working on new music and I have a few records that I’m really excited about at the moment. I’ll be finetuning them in the coming months, they should be out next year. The goal for this year was to set the tone for my project, releasing house records that feel soulful, positive and uplifting. That’s what I’m super passionate about and that’s what I will continue to do next year. I’m really excited to take things to the next level now.
You've gotten to work really closely with Sony all year as you've relaunched the Paul Mayson project. How has that experience been for you? 
It’s been a great journey so far. They’re a really good team, super nice people to work with and I feel they understand my artistic vision well which is important. I’m ready to achieve more goals together.
As parts of the world have been returning to normal, have you had the opportunity to play or schedule any gigs? 
We’re working on it right now. Holland has actually just gone back into lockdown again which is quite disappointing, but it’s great that there are other parts of the world where we can celebrate on a dancefloor together again. I’ve mostly focused on producing and releasing new music this past year, but I am definitely excited to start doing shows next year. Can’t wait to be in a sweaty club really, I have loads of records that I’d love to test out on a dancefloor.
And lastly, as we close out this year and look ahead to next year, what has you excited for the months ahead?
I’ll be spending a lot of time in the studio during the upcoming months to finish the new music that’s coming next year. Definitely looking forward to that, winter days are best spent in the studio, haha. 2021 was a great start of a new chapter and I think "Don’t Let Me Down" is the perfect track to close this year and to go into 2022. I’m really stoked for what’s next. Let’s do it!
You can buy or stream Paul Mayson ft. Zac Pajak - "Don't Let Me Down" on your platform of choice today! 
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