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1001Tracklists Spotlight: Drove

Feb 16, 2021
1001Tracklists Spotlight: Drove
Drove impressed with their debut EP on STMPD, including a collaboration with Dillon Francis, and we're thrilled to celebrate with the trio's first DJ Mix! The mega talented Dutch producers and songwriters, Jelmer ten Hoeve, Eli Salomons and Teun Wouters, drew their inspiration from drives together and especially the dusk twilight. With an exciting future ahead and a super fresh new sound, it’s a can’t miss Spotlight Mix!
Hi Drove, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your new project and debut EP. To get started, can you tell us a bit about your members and how you came together as a group?
We are Drove, a trio from The Netherlands. Our real names are Jelmer Ten Hoeve, Eli Salomons and Teun Wouters. After a long period of lockdown, the three of us sat down in the studio again last August and we started to talk about our ‘escapes’ from the lockdown. We noticed that we were all taking late night drives to get out of the house. This sparked the idea to create a soundtrack for late night drives and ‘Drove’ was born.
What are some of the main inspirations and values the project was founded on? What are the sounds that Drove will stand for as DJs and producers?
When you drive at night, music hits differently. This laid the foundation for the Drove movement. We tried to capture a night drive with our EP, starting slow and driving up the energy while you pass every track. The project is all about the combination of this vibe with matching visualisations. 
You’ve really impressed by putting together a debut EP release that is a proper listening experience from beginning to end. Tell us some more about how you created a flow across the six tracks.
Throughout the EP, the whole listening experience feels like a journey. The EP starts late in the afternoon when you get into the car without a specific destination. You start the ride in a relaxed atmosphere, that slowly transitions to more energetic vibes, like driving faster while you enter a highway, until you finally arrive in a place at nighttime.
The music from Dusk EP is very dependent on the time of day and where the journey brings you. The color of the sky perhaps best reflects the moment where you are during the EP. At moments where the sky is still very vibrant, the songs have a melancholic theme. As the sun goes down and the sky turns darker, so do the songs. Going from light to heavier and more gloomy songs.
Your single together with Dillon Francis stands out immediately. Very few artists can say that they had a superstar of his level as a collaborator on their debut release. It’s an impressive accomplishment that immediately screams quality! How did the opportunity to work together come about and what did it mean to you?
We have worked with Dillon in the past already and we know he loves good music. We sent him a demo of the song and he fell in love with it right away. We called and we explained the idea of Drove to him. He loved the idea immediately and supported it from the beginning. We passed the song back and forth and finished it up this way. The musical match between us is very intense and it’s incredible to work with him on these projects. Looking back we all just enjoyed the process a lot!
Can you pick two tracks from the EP and tell us some more about the productions?
“Holding On” was a very fun track for us to work on. It was the last track we made for the EP. To us it’s the perfect balance between organic and electronic. The majority of the drums are a combination of live recorded elements and samples, while the low end of the track is driven by a powerful 808. The track keeps building and building towards the final climax and after this you land in a soundscape that perfectly resembles the feeling of a sunset drive.
The polar opposite of “Holding On” is “High On You.” One of us actually made the rough demo of the track back in 2019, so in a way it was the first track that we made for the EP. When we came up with the idea of Drove, “High On You” was one of the first demos that we knew that had to be on the EP. The driving bassline and hypnotising drum pattern gave us the feeling of driving through a never ending tunnel at high speed during nighttime, which sparked the idea for the accompanying visualizer. We kept the production on this one quite simple with the main elements being just the drums and a bassline, which is a recurring theme throughout the entire EP.
How did you approach your Spotlight Mix? How might it compare to a DJ set or a live performance by Drove in the future?
We are starting off the Spotlight Mix with playing the full Dusk EP to give you the experience from start to end. After the EP, we tried to give the remainder of the mix the same feeling as Dusk EP: driving your car into the night. Going from light to dark and from lighter to heavier songs. We feel like the mix could definitely compare to a live performance by us in the future, as each aspect of the Drove project should serve as a ‘soundtrack to late night drives.’
What are two goals that you’re hoping to achieve as Drove by the end of 2021. What’s another goal for you guys with the project for the longer term?
Our main goal for Drove long term is of course to make as much music for your rides as possible. We love seeing people listening to the EP during their roadtrips in the car and we hope they’ll continue to do so with our future tracks. One goal that we definitely hope to achieve this year is releasing our second EP, which is already starting to take shape. Another goal for us is to collaborate with other great artists this year. We might even have some things in the works already for the second EP!
Can you share anything else about your upcoming plans for the project and your music?
We have already been in the studio working on creating the second EP, which starts where Dusk left off. We love sharing our ideas with other artists, so we can’t wait to show you who are joining us during our next ride. We don’t want to spoil too much, but we might be dropping some clues here and there on our socials. So follow us @thisisdrove to stay tuned on what’s coming. It’s been great talking to you guys and we hope to speak to you again when the second EP drops. We love the support from 1001Tracklists.
You can download/stream Drove's Dusk EP on your platform of choice today! http://stmpd.co/K6St7SdO
Connect with Drove: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Full tracklist info available at Drove - 1001Tracklists Spotlight Mix 2021-02-16
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Drove - Holding On [STMPD]
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Drove ft. Ex Love - Know [STMPD]
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Drove - Alive Again [STMPD]
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Drove - High On You [STMPD]
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