Sep 26, 2018

Lumberjack Celebrate Hexagon Release & More!

We’re here today celebrating Lumberjack’s new single on Hexagon Records! “Forever” has quite the story and the French duo found their collaborating artist, Hreez, on SoundCloud. Read on to learn more about the track, the duo’s busy summer touring, and more!
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today. How's your summer been? What have been some highlights?
Thanks for inviting us! Yeah, our summer was really incredible! Started with the Spring Break in Croatia with artists like Sam Feldt and Jay Hardway, played at some French festivals and did two tours in China! We’re inishing things off next week at the Techno Parade in Paris in front of 500K people and the week after we’re at Pacha Ibiza for the first time! It was really cool to feel the vibe in all of those different parts of the world.
We're here to celebrate your new track “Forever,” but thought maybe we could take things back a bit first. Do you remember the first time that you heard and/or met Hreez? What led you guys to work on this collaboration?
Hell yes, at the beginning it all started by discovering him on SoundCloud! We really work to discover new talent by checking SC, and we found some good tracks from him. We asked him to send some tracks to play in our radio show (Reload Radio) and after talking he sent us a demo that we really loved, and we decided to collab together. His dream was to sign on Hexagon so we sent it only to Don Diablo and then… you know what happened next.
Take us through the production process of the track? What are one or two of your favourite elements?
Our favorite element from that track is the magic in the drop. That was the best thing for that track – the drop is powerful but magical, and it’s why Don decided to sign it. Also Hreez used a vocal sample from a bank which nobody had used before, so that’s always a good sign and why we kept it in the track.
What does releasing on Hexagon and having the support of Don Diablo mean to you? [Check out Don dropping “Forever” at Tomorrowland below]
It means a lot for us because we really appreciate the person who Don is! He’s very real and very human, and because we are in music for our passion we really appreciate this type of personality. Also Hexagon is now one of the best labels, so it’s a pleasure to be a part of the Hexagon family.
How has the track been fitting into your sets and what's the reception been like?
We see the reaction when the drops comes in, but to tell you the truth, people seem a little bored during the breakdown… that’s why we decided on a bootleg with the vocal from Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – “One Kiss.” Then we saw people singing, and when the drop comes, the people are so on fire! That bootleg really works in our sets.
What's been a few of your favorite gigs this summer and why?
China is one of our favourite places to play. We really only broke into China as touring DJs one year ago and now we’ve played more than 12 times there! We found a really good agency and we are so happy about this!
Techno Parade was incredible in Paris, but the best is to come though with our first gig in Pacha Ibiza alongside Bob Sinclar this Saturday on the 29th of September.
You've become really well known for your bootlegs and private remixes of tracks like “Magenta Riddim.” Can you tell us some more about how you approach these and highlight a favorite that you guys have done?
The scene nowadays is so dynamic and DJ sets really need to be special! Doing bootlegs and edits is something that we really love to do – it’s important to make crossovers between styles and give people well known landmarks to keep them on the dancefloor. Doing edits allows us to play tracks that we love (lots of times unknown by mainstream people) with huge hits and create a totally different reaction than if they just heard the unknown song by itself. Also, for us personally it’s a nice challenge to see who can make the best edit without telling the other. Only by testing it live do we see the reaction and feel the energy! 
About the “Magenta Riddim” Bootleg – it was honestly like a joke remix but the feedback and all of the DJs who supported us confirmed that sometimes doing things for fun is something really important! We don’t need to be serious, just to feel it and do our best!
What's next for Lumberjack? Do you have any major goals for the fall and coming year?
You’ll see <3
You can buy or stream your copy of Lumberjack & Hreez – “Forever” on your platform of choice today!
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