Sep 01, 2016

Max Styler Ahead Of His Big Electric Zoo Performance

This year Dim Mak is celebrating 20 years as a label, brand and global tastemaker. They’ve hosted events all year to celebrate and this weekend Dim Mak is bringing the party to its own 20th Anniversary Stage at Electric Zoo: Wild Island on Saturday with sets from label head Steve Aoki, 3LAU, Rain Man, SBCR aka The Bloody Beetroots, ETC! ETC!, WatchTheDuck and Max Styler. Following the show, the festivities continue at Space Ibiza NY for the official Dim Mak Electric Zoo After Party, where special surprise guest DJs will spin until 4AM. Rising Dim Mak star Max Styler will be performing on Saturday and joined us to talk about his music and what the weekend holds for him and the rest of the Dim Mak stage.
What has it been like playing some of the Dim Mak 20th anniversary events? Do you have a favorite show of the ones you’ve played?
Playing the Dim Mak 20th anniversary shows are always a good time. I think if I had to pick a favorite of the ones I’ve played, it would have to be our show at Exchange LA. Such good vibes that night with the whole crowd, and everyone was super hype on everything I was playing.
What do you think sets a Dim Mak event apart? What makes it unique?
People in general just know that when they go to a Dim Mak show it’s going to be a great party all around. Cakes will be thrown and champagne will be showered. The party is really all about the people, and Dim Mak does a good job at executing that.
Let’s talk about your upcoming single, “Awakening,” which has a pretty incredible vocal from CXLOE. How did you come to work with her?
I wrote “Awakening” about five months ago. My manager then started sending the instrumental out to vocalists. One vocal in particular that came back really caught our attention immediately. CXLOE’s voice was perfect for the track and I thought the lyrics were very relatable and well put together.
What was the inspiration for “Awakening”?
For the better part of this year I’ve been releasing banger after banger on Dim Mak and I felt like it was time to change it up a little. So that’s where the inspiration to write something more listenable came from. Then “Awakening” was born and is the first single off of my Reflections EP which will be released on Dim Mak in November.
How have you been using it in your sets?
I’ll actually be premiering an edit of it for the first time this weekend at Electric Zoo. So keep your ears peeled ;)
What was it like working with Felmax on “Skyline”? This track must go off when you play it live?!
Working with Felmax is always great. We actually work together a lot on random little projects all the time. “Skyline” was our second track that we did together and I think also our best. Everytime I play it live, the crowd's reaction is explosive
This will be your first US festival performance, correct? How excited are you?
Yeah! This is my first festival booking in the US. Seriously beyond excited to finally be in this situation. When I look at where I started, it’s a blessing that my music allows me to travel and play in cities all around the world. I’ve never been to Electric Zoo, but I’ve only ever heard great things.
What do you have in store for your set at Electric Zoo? Will you be premiering any new music?
I spend a lot of time at home in studio creating edits so that my audience never really knows what to expect. I love the unexpected and I think my audience does as well. You can expect a good amount of unreleased tunes from me at E Zoo.
What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Dim Mak family?
It’s awesome being a part of such a great team honestly. The thing I love most about Dim Mak is the creative freedom they give me to release the kind of music I want. They really encourage it and in turn that makes for happy artists.
You can purchase festival tickets at 
Tickets for the Dim Mak 20th Anniversary / Official Electric Zoo After Party are available at 
Don't worry if you can't make it, as yesterday Dim Mak announced their 20th Anniversary Broadcast Special live from Electric Zoo via, so be sure to tune in to hear and see all that the Dim Mak artists and stage have to offer! In addition tune into Sirius XM’s Electric Area channel this Saturday beginning at 2PM PST / 5PM EST for a live broadcast of the show and then again on Labor Day for a full rebroadcast alongside interviews starting at 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST.
Connect with Max Styler: WebsiteSoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with Dim Mak: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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