Aug 24, 2016

Vassy - "Nothing To Lose"

Best known for her work with David Guetta on "Bad" and Tiësto on "Secrets," Vassy has just released her first solo dance music single on Musical Freedom Records. She took some time to talk with us about the inspiration behind her new single "Nothing To Lose," what it's been like working with Tiësto, hearing thousands of people belting out her lyrics, and balancing her solo career with collaborations. 

How did your track “Nothing To Lose” originate? What was the inspiration for the track? Do the lyrics and/or title have any special significance to you?
I wrote the song with Joren, a favorite writer of mine. I’ve always had this idea in my head to write a song called “Nothing To Lose” and wanted to get the idea across that even if you have no money or fancy things, you have nothing to lose…as in literally haha, because you don't. But the words are playful and they have a double meaning.
What does it mean to you to be releasing your first dance single on Musical Freedom?
It’s an honor and I’m very happy about it. They are so good at what they do. After the success of “Secrets” and having worked with Tiësto now on a second song, I feel so excited to be coming out with my first official solo release on Musical Freedom.
What's it like working with Tiësto? What do you think is his biggest production strength?
He has a great ear and knows what he likes. After all, he is the tastemaker and knows what the crowds want to hear! He is also very humble and down to earth and pleasant to be around.
What was it like doing so many live show performances with Tiësto?
It was the best. I love performing with him. He's a lot of fun and makes me feel like his little sister. We always have a good laugh backstage and onstage I love his high fives. He lets me do my thing and I have a lot of freedom to perform how I want. He’s just super cool like that.
Who were some of your favorite artists to work with? What made working with any of the artists special?
I enjoy working with everyone; each collaboration is special in its own way. Tiësto is fun, I enjoy our collaborations.
What do you think your biggest takeaways have been working with producers in the electronic dance music community?
That the crowd loves a good drop, and to take them on a journey so they can dance and feel free.
Outside of the fact that “Bad” and “Secrets” have done so well as originals, DJs have and still use the samples for those songs constantly in their own edits, mashups, and bootlegs. Have you heard any edits or mashups from other DJs that you really liked? What's it like knowing that everyone uses your voice and lyrics?
It’s a great feeling. It’s like a stamp, it never goes away. Like Stevie Wonder says, “Signed, sealed, delivered...I’m yours” – it kind of feels like that, you just have to surrender to it.
What's the feeling you get when on stage and seeing a room or festival full of people shouting your lyrics in harmony?
That’s the best feeling and the part that I really look forward to. I always encourage the crowd on from the very first word. They all come in, and it’s like they all get to shine with me. That’s why I do acapellas live at these huge festivals. As you can imagine, hearing over 100K people singing your lyrics feels bloody good ;-)
How do you balance working on productions with dance music producers as well as working on your solo career?
I love my collabs and a lot of good comes out of them, but I also need to focus on my solo stuff as that is what an artist needs to do. It’s a nice balance, and I feel that now is the time to shift more towards focusing on my own projects with this new release. I am very excited to finish my album and share it with the world. But, working on collaborations is very easy for me and I love co-producing – it’s a lot of fun for me :)
Do you have a favorite show that you once attended as a fan that inspired you to want to do this for a living?
No, not really, maybe when I saw Tina Turner years ago. Billie Holiday was the voice that inspired me to pursue music for a living.
Check out Vassy and Tiësto performing "Nothing To Lose" live at Tomorrowland below!

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