Thomas Gold: Exploring New Music

Jul 13, 2016
Thomas Gold: Exploring New Music
On the heels of his latest release on Armada, "Saints & Sinners," we caught up with Thomas Gold before his set at Digital Dreams festival in Toronto to learn what the future holds for his music. He talks about his latest release, his recent songwriting camp in LA, and his upcoming album.
What was the inspiration and production process for “Saints & Sinners”?
There was no real inspiration, it was more an idea of making something different. I was in LA for two weeks doing vocal writing sessions for my upcoming album. We did 13 sessions in two weeks. Every day I had meetings and on this occasion I was together in the studio with Damon Sharpe and M.Bronx. Damon is actually the guy who recorded the vocals. He’s the sound engineer and he wrote a big part of the vocals as well. We went together into the studio and I played the guys some chord progressions and the basic progression of “Saints & Sinners” and said like, “Hey I want to do something not progressive house, not EDM–ish, let’s just aim for a real song.”
That’s pretty much how we wrote the song in a few hours. The short time is a good sign to me. I did “Sing 2 Me” in two hours. Sometimes these things just happen, you have an idea and the inspiration comes just from the day. You’re having a good day and the other guys, Michael and Damon, were happy and we were all super excited. The basic idea was just to do something different and  include a lot of organic instruments like guitars and pianos.
We don’t even have a club version, but I played it out last weekend at Ushuaia in Ibiza. It went really well. I did tweak the mix a little bit - I pushed the low end a little bit more. It’s like an extended version, but the buildups are a little bit stronger to fit into the set.
Are you involved in the songwriting for all of the tracks on your upcoming album?
Yes, and that’s how I used to do it. When I did “Never Alone” with Deniz Koyu, we wrote that together. When I did “On Fire” with Rico & Miella, we did that together. For the album I wanted to be a part of the writing. I was in LA just for the songwriting sessions. I didn’t do any shows there. I was in the studio every day. I went back to LA in March and April for my tour and met with a couple of the writers again. 90% of the tracks on the album are real songs that are based on a vocal with a story. There is no progressive house or EDM and you’re going to be surprised with the next single.
“Saints & Sinners” is kind of a transition track for me. The next single, I can’t tell you that much, but it will be between 110-115 BPM. I think we just finished it. Everybody on the team thought the last version was the final version and we got the verses down. We are aiming to release it 8-10 weeks from now. It’s slower with Jack Ü, Major Lazer, and DJ Snake influences in there. It’s really interesting because a lot of stuff in the album goes that direction.
Is there anything else different that you are really into or doing now?
I love future bass right now!
Has any artist in particular brought you into future bass?
You would maybe think of Flume at first, but there are so many other guys. So many new names I’ve never heard before and then I listen to their tracks and I’m like, “What the fuck?!”
How are you discovering them?
I’m just going on SoundCloud. I’m Googling them. I’m on Spotify and I have friends who point out this name or that name. I get promos from people I haven’t heard of, but I often listen to the stuff. I’m taking a totally new approach right now. I’m trying to convert my old progressive house sound, though I’m not going to lose that sound. There will be two or three tracks with the classic Thomas Gold sounds, but for the rest, I just want to try whatever else I want.
Are you able to road test these new tracks very much if you are pursuing new styles?
Not as much because they are so slow with tempo and then you have to find a way to include them in my sets. Right now I have a few slower tempo tracks and I transition. I still have some progressive sounds, but my sets are more house driven now. I just did a trap version of “Believe,” and I did a future bass version of “On Fire.” I did it last week and I want to play it out, but it’s just not final yet. I just want to try things out.
What is the most inspirational show you ever attended?
It was not an artist I saw. I think it’s what happened in Ibiza ten years ago. Even before I started playing there, it was always a big inspiration. Summer, sand, beaches, that whole vibe. And then the German music scene is very diverse, I went to clubs all the time with my friends. I was a club goer, seeing everything, underground, more commercial, the full nine yards.
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