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Blasterjaxx Talk the Maxximize Brand

May 23, 2016
Blasterjaxx Talk the Maxximize Brand
Ahead of their release today of 'The Silmarillia' Blasterjaxx took some time to talk with us about their Maxximize On Air radio show, brand, and label. Enjoy some of their music while you read!
How do you pick tracks for Maxximize On Air?
Thom: Well, it’s quite easy. We have a promo email, and receive a shitload - I’m talking hundreds of tracks a day. Once a week, I go through them and pick out the best songs. From there, I filter again, and then filter it again. What’s important for Maxximize On Air - because it’s broadcasted on so many radio stations, even in airplanes - it’s really important that we reach a big audience. It would be quite boring if we only brought Blasterjaxx sounding tracks, so we start sometimes from deep house or tech house and move into EDM or hardstyle, sometimes trap. It’s cool, it’s fun. It keeps it interesting. But, it’s a big struggle to do it weekly.
What is the biggest difference between a live set and radio show episode?
Thom: 99 percent of the radio show we wouldn’t play live (laughs). It’s good though because with the promo mail, you go through a lot and sometimes you find some hidden gems. We found guys like Olly James and others - all the new talents are dropping stuff off. And that stuff, we really can play.
What was it like releasing Heartbreak as the first release on your label?
Idir: Three years ago, we announced it at EDC Vegas, and since then everyone wanted the track to be released.
Thom: We have four versions also!
Idir: We made all four versions, and then two years later, we decided to make it the first track since everyone knew the vocals, so we made a new version again.
What do you think we should be looking for from the Maxximize label?
Thom: Cool, new music (laughs). No, I think everyone would say that. For every track we’re releasing, it’s a special track. It’s a track that will earn a lot of support because it’s unique and outstanding. Without bringing any other label down, we receive so much stuff, and a lot of it sounds alike. Maybe people would say the same about our tracks, but to us, it sounds really fresh. We just released Drip from Jewelz & Sparks. Super cool track and really works in the set. More stuff like that is coming up - some progressive, some fusion between future house and big room EDM. It’s music that fits us and that we’d be able to play in a live set.
And it seems like you’re trying to build a brand with Maxximize.
Thom: Absolutely, we feel like our fans have always been such a strong and loyal community and basically me and Idir always wanted to provide them with the complete package. Maxximize offers a platform for us to provide that complete package. The label, the music, the radioshows and the events have evolved into something really special in our opinion. We hosted our Maxximize pool party today in Miami and I’m sure that we saw you guys there, writing down all the track names!
Anything to look out for?
Idir: We have a lot of new stuff and have been spending lots of time in the studio. We have like 12 new songs.
Thom: Talking about original songs, we have seven. And then a bunch of remakes, not mashups, I’m talking about real remakes.
How do you guys work as a duo? What is each other’s biggest strength?
Thom: Idir’s biggest strength is that he’s super musical. You can give him a keyboard and he’ll shoot out 20 melodies in an hour!
Idir: His strength (pause...laughs). Production-wise, he always helps me with tips that I didn’t think about and always help with having our unique Blasterjaxx sound. Without him, I wouldn’t have this sound.
What do you think the funniest thing about the other person is?
Thom: I’ll try to come up with something proper to say without hurting his image...he needs to shower before he starts doing something. I’m talking, we have ten minutes left, and he’s in the shower.
What was the most inspirational show you saw as a fan that made you want to become a producer/DJ?
Thom: Vato Gonzalez - Dirty House. In 2006. House music was already out there and we were already into that. But this guy was different. It’s a shame he never really broke through internationally. But for us, we have good memories of his shows.
If you want to hear more from Blasterjaxx, check out the latest episode of Maxximize On Air below and find the full tracklist here. You can stream or buy 'The Silmarillia' today.


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