1001 Spotlight: Famba

Jun 10, 2019
1001 Spotlight: Famba
Rising Canadian DJ/producer Famba is enjoying his biggest year to date! Continuing to play bigger and better shows as well as having signed a record deal with Sony Canada, the stage was set for a signature release and Famba delivered with “Swear To God.” The original perfectly captures the dance pop sound he’s striving for and with over 650,000 streams on Spotify already the support is massive! To take the track into the clubs, he delivered his own remix and also recruited Dallerium on board, who smashed their take and have been charting as a Top 10 Newcomer Track on the site!
How’s your year been going thus far? What have been a few highlight moments?
This year has been amazing, it really feels like everything is starting to tie together musically. A few big moments for me this year have been performing at Rebel in Toronto, getting introduced to the world of radio and signing a record deal with Sony Canada!
Can you share some more insight into your music background for our readers? How long have you been songwriting? What about producing? How would you describe your current sound and style?
When I started about six years ago, I really had no idea what I was doing, it was total experimentation. After a few years of producing I ended up going to my first songwriting camp and that changed the game for me. Ever since then I was hooked on the songwriting process. I think it’s hard to define my sound, I’ve been all over the place for awhile. With my new EP coming though, it is definitely leaning on the dance side with the pop flair that I’ve been known for.
Let’s dive into your recently released single “Swear To God.” Can you tell us a bit about the initial inspiration and sketch for the track and how it progressed into the final version that we hear today?
“Swear To God” went through so many versions! It started when a friend Adam K (also one of my biggest inspirations when I started) showed me an unfinished demo after one of our sessions. I fell in love with the song and started working on it soon as I got home to Halifax. From there I probably did about 20 versions, and had the vocalist, Emery, re-record the vocals five times. I feel bad because we ended up going with the actual demo vocals, just something about the demo vocal was magical and we couldn’t beat it haha!
Take us inside your own club mix – what elements do you look for in the tracks that you would want to play in a DJ set and how did you bring that to life in your own remix?
When looking for tracks for my DJ set, I’m always looking for something new and exciting with lots of energy. I really wanted something that would fit into my sets, notably for opening my set. I tried to bring that kind of energy when making the club mix so that it would set the pace for the rest of the set!
Dallerium have delivered their own massive remix of the track as well, charting as a Top 10 Newcomer Track on 1001! What do you like about their take?
They absolutely crushed it! I love how they totally switched the vibe up from the original song. Their new remix just gave the song a brand new life. That's why I love remixes – you give another artist a chance to put their spin on an original song and see what happens.
Looking deeper into your DJ sets at the moment, what are three must play tracks?
It’s hard to choose three, there’s so much great music out right now! If I were to pick three from my DJ sets I would choose:
1. Zen/It – "Wave"
2. Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva – "OH YES" (Retrovision Remix)
3. Sound Of Legend - "Tell Me Why" (Siks Remix)
Talk to us about the music that you are working on currently. What’s ahead on your release radar?
I’ve started working on my debut EP! It’s such an exciting project for me to undertake. I really wanted to go back to my dance roots, and make music that crosses the boundaries between dance and pop. I have SO many songs to choose from, it’s going to be incredibly hard to actually pick which songs are going to make the EP.
What else has you excited as we head deeper into the summer? What’s one goal that you’re hoping to achieve by the end of this calendar year and another for the long term future?
I have a few shows coming up that I can’t wait to play! Along with locking myself in the studio to finish this EP, I think the summer is going to be a busy one. By the end of the year I would really like to establish my sound in a more refined way. In the long term future, I would love to be traveling the world and meeting all of the amazing people who support my music.
You can buy/stream your copy of Dallerium's remix of Famba - "Swear To God" on your platform of choice today!! http://smarturl.it/STG-DalleriumRemix
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