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Swanky Tunes Exclusive Mix

Jan 11, 2018
Swanky Tunes Exclusive Mix
2018 is a special year for Swanky Tunes as they mark their 20th anniversary. The seemingly ageless Russian trio have lots of special surprises planned for this year, and hot with anticipation, we caught up with them to highlight their previous year and properly set the stage for this one. Enjoy a deep look at their work with Going Deeper, including the smashing success “Time” on Don Diablo’s Hexagon Records, as well as a close look at their plans for Showland Records in 2018.
How did you approach your mix and how does your track selection compare to a current club set of yours?
We’d describe it as a mix of our favourite 2017 tunes. For sure some of these tracks can be found on our tracklists.
Can you highlight three tracks within your mix and why they stand out to you?
Sure! The first one has to be “BOOM” by Tiësto & Sevenn. This tune has been in on our sets since it was a promo. Its pumping rhythm and bass can make anyone dance – definitely a cool tune.
Then Diplo & Autoerotique – “Waist Time.” It has so much bass, even more than you could imagine – fire!
And one more tune is our recent production with Going Deeper called “Time.” When people hear live, the reaction on the dancefloor is incredible. Really seems to inspire people a lot too.
Looking more at that last release you just mentioned, you closed 2017 with the release of “Time” on Don Diablo’s Hexagon Records. Can you take us through the inspiration and production process for the track?
Honestly it’s difficult to describe what inspires us in the studio. It’s easier to describe the process around creating a track. Usually we start with the drop and “Time” was no exception to this. The main thing that we wanted to do was to use fewer elements because even in the beginning, the drop had an already solid and packed sound. Both drop’s parts were developed mostly with added changes into the lead synth character and arpeggio notes.
After the drop was almost finished we moved on to the breakdown. The vocal part was taken from a sound library, then chopped and tuned a lot. If you had a chance to compare the original and final production you’d be very surprised. As usual, we used Little AlterBoy by Soundtoys for tuning, then we put the vocal onto a slow oscillating rhythm with orchestral stabs to add more pump. At the end, we sped up the breakdown to make a transition into the second part of the drop. When all parts including intro and outro were done and combined, we filled them in with little features and added the rest of the transitions.
What did it mean to you to return to release on Hexagon again after the release of “One Million Dollars” and have the continued support of Don?
Getting back on track with club tunes and receiving immediate support is very important for us. No doubt Don Diablo is one of those artists who drives and moves dance music forward nowadays. We’re very glad to release on Hexagon and work with Don.
You guys and Going Deeper have had other major successes together including “Drownin’” and “Far From Home.” What do you like about working with those guys and what do you think enables your success in the studio?
Usually we get together with Timur and Evgeny of Going Deeper in our studio during short breaks between gigs. Not sure, but maybe a reason is that the very limited time makes us think and find ideas very quickly. We lock ourselves in the studio for 12-15 hours per day and just produce music. All of us have different minds and during these sessions we always seem to learn something new about each other. We joke, we argue, we invent. It’s very interesting.
For example, we were doing a remix for an American singer’s LP and you wouldn’t even imagine that one of us [never going to say who exactly though ;)] is really fond of Madonna’s early tracks and the production style of that time period. It may just seem like a funny fact, but because of it, our production process turned in an absolutely different direction and helped enable us to produce a remix that went multi-platinum in Russia/CIS.
You guys also recently released the Get Swanky EP at the beginning of December. What do you think is your personal favorite track from that EP and why?
Imagine you have four children. Could you ever say which one you love the most? The same concept applies to our music. We like all of these tracks, because each of them is a part of Swanky Tunes and tells something about us from different perspectives. It was our first experience producing an EP like that and we’re really happy with how it turned out. Hoping this year we will deliver you more EPs like that too.
What can you tell us about some of the music and plans for Showland Records this year?
In 2017 we released three compilations with one each tied to Miami, Ibiza and ADE. This year we’ll definitely continue with them. Along with singles we plan to release genre-devoted EPs, like bass house or future house. Also we’re going to pay more attention to the development of artists that we already have on board. Keep an eye on Showland and you’ll never miss quality music.
How is your year shaping up for Swanky Tunes? What are two goals that you are hoping to achieve this year?
Well, first of all we want to return to club bangers this year. And second, we want to reveal Swanky Tunes in a new perspective and let people know that our project isn’t just a thing that comes in and out. This year we celebrate our 20 year anniversary. So get ready for some Swanky surprises.
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