Cooperated Souls Discusses His New EP

Jul 17, 2017
Cooperated Souls Discusses His New EP
On Friday Cooperated Souls released his new EP featuring two of the most hotly anticipated IDs on 1001Tracklists over the past month. “Born To Rage” and “Footwork” saw major play from the likes of Don Diablo, Martin Garrix, Sander van Doorn, Kryder and many more as IDs and fans were happy to have Cooperated Souls revealed as the artist behind the tracks last Friday. We talked with the rising Dutch star about finding his sound and his latest all star productions!
2017 has been a huge year for you! You’ve released two massive collaborations with Funkerman, “Work Your Body” and “Bad Boy Beat,” and now two hotly anticipated IDs. What’s this year been like music wise through your eyes?
I’ve learned a lot this past year and after many years of producing I finally feel like I have started to develop my own signature sound. In the past few months I’ve listened a lot to artists such as Chris Lake, Redlight, and TCTS who all really inspired me, as they all are very creative with their sound design. In addition, I’ve spent a good bit of time in the studio with different producers which taught me a lot of new things and insights about producing music. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about these collabs yet, but there are some cool things coming up!
“Born To Rage” showcases a lot of cool production elements, so can you pick two that you feel are signatures of that track?
Working on “Born To Rage” was a lot of fun for me because it is a bit different from what I normally make. With this track, I tried to combine elements from different genres such as progressive house and techno. It doesn’t really have one catchy melody or hook, it’s all about the atmosphere and energy instead. The main idea of the track was that it kept on building, adding more and more elements until the last drop where all of the energy gets released. If I have to pick two production elements which are signature to the track I’d first pick the vocal in the buildup because of how it adds energy to the track. Second, I think the heavy synth riser in the second drop also is very characteristic. It makes the track more intense and atmospheric.
What was your vision for “Footwork” going into the production and how do you see that track working live?
“Footwork” is all about the groove, it features a catchy bassline combined with groovy drums, some vocal shots and funky synths. The track is a bit weird and funny sounding, but it works good live as it has a surprising element in the first and second drop.
What does the big early support on “Born To Rage” from guys like Martin Garrix, Kryder, Sander van Doorn, and Promise Land mean to you? Are any particularly meaningful or surprising?
The support has been big already, which is awesome to see. I take it as a big compliment when my track gets played by these artists as they all are very good producers and DJs themselves. Especially the support from Sander van Doorn was very cool to see, as I love his latest productions such as “The Rhythm.”
This EP also continues your impressive catalog with Flamingo. What do you like about working with the team at the label?
Releasing on Flamingo has been a great pleasure! I have good relations with the team and we have a very relaxed way of working together. I really feel like they put a lot of effort in getting my music heard, which gives me a great boost!
Absolutely loving the vocal and vibe in your collaboration “Like A Beast” with Kav Verhouzer! Can you take us through the production process and talk about what unique challenges, but at the same time also special opportunities, working with a vocal like Jay Smirks presents?
Kav Verhouzer and I have known each other for a long time now. After he received this new vocal from Jay Smirks he called me because he wanted to work together on it. After I heard it I immediately was inspired so we went to the studio together and a few hours later “Like A Beast” was born! The biggest challenge of this track was making all of the elements (such as the bass, percussion and vocal) work together, but my workflow with Kav is very good so we got past that.
You and Kav just dropped a huge set on Slam FM. Can you highlight two artists included in that mix and why they stand out?
First, I would highlight CamelPhat because of their huge releases in the past months (such as “Cola” and “Hangin’ Out With Charlie”). They are amazing producers and I think that they really deserve the attention they are getting right now!
Second, I would pick Chris Lake because of his creative and unique sound.
What do you think was your biggest takeaway from production wise from your work with Funkerman?
Funkerman and I work completely differently from one another; not only do we work in different DAW’s, but also with our workflow. Funkerman is a really technical producer, he works very precisely and spends a lot of time tweaking the small details of his music. He knows tons about mixing and mastering which gave me a lot of great insights to use in my own productions.
What plans for the rest of this summer and the future can you share with us?
Besides my musical career, I study at Tilburg University. School in combination with my music career can be a hard balance sometimes so I will first take some rest and go on a holiday. After that, I probably will spend a lot of time in the studio to finish my latest tracks. In addition, I have some cool gigs coming up which will be lots of fun as well!
You can buy or stream your copy of the Cooperated Souls EP today!
Connect with Cooperated Souls: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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