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Ryos's Exclusive Mix

Mar 19, 2020
Ryos's Exclusive Mix

It was in early May 2016 when Ryos told us, “Hardwell is definitely my number one. Since day one he has been the guy I look up to.” We left that meeting with a sense the New York based DJ/Producer would do everything in his power to work his way to an elite level and we’re thrilled to be celebrating with him today as he’s just signed as an exclusive Revealed artist. His latest release, “Two Of Us,” is off to a blazing start racking up 150,000 Spotify streams in the first 24 hours and his interview takes us deep inside his journey to this moment. Turn it up for his Exclusive Mix which features some special Ryos VIP edits as well as tracks from David Guetta, MORTEN, Afrojack, Quintino, Nicky Romero, and more! 

Hey Zane, thanks for joining us! We’re so stoked to be celebrating your exclusive signing to Revealed Recordings – huge congrats again!! What does the milestone moment in your career mean to you?
Hey guys, thanks for having me! I really appreciate that, signing with Revealed has definitely been a huge moment for me. When I first discovered EDM (2011-2012ish), I quickly became a fan of Hardwell and then Revealed. It became a dream of mine to become a part of the team in one way or another. I even tweeted back in 2014 that I'd do anything to be a part of Revealed and even had my wallpaper set as their logo. I was (and still am) a big fan. Something about the music and style has always struck a chord with me. If I had to describe it, it's almost like nostalgia and I remember just being so fascinated with the music.
Fast forward to 2016, I was able to sign my first song to Revealed which was a collaboration with Joey Dale. This was such a big personal accomplishment for me since I've been a fan since day one. And now fast forward to 2020, the fact that I've had multiple songs signed with them and now I'm signing exclusively as one of the Revealed artists is simply a dream come true!  As an artist, it's great to have a home; a group of people with a very similar taste in music and extremely talented across the board. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity and it feels like a significant shift in my career.
Can you tell us a bit more about the journey getting to this point. It feels like it wasn’t that long ago, but it was already mid 2016 when we first met at Echostage! What do you think have been three defining moments/releases in your career between then and today?
That's so crazy that it was mid-2016 last we met, time really flies! There have been a few moments for me that had a big impact in my career since then. I'd say probably the most important, is I burned out. I was in a place where I wasn't making anything I liked and it almost felt like I fell out of love with making music and even listening to my favorite songs by other artists. It was a strange time also, I was in some not so ideal scenarios with labels and mentally I just needed a refresh. Mind you, when all this was happening I was still pretty young and needed to mature more.
The reason that moment is so important to me is because I learned A LOT during that time. I made “Living Again” during this rough patch, and I thought that this was the one that was gonna set me back on track. But it turned out, I still needed more time to get my mindset right. Something else important to note is that none of this was voluntary. I didn't recognize what I was going through and make a conscious decision to take a break. I just kept going and going and eventually learned that nothing was gonna change until my mindset did. I really did a lot of personal growth and overall just became a better person all around. I started to fall back in love with music and became so proud of the music I was making.
I would say releasing “Identity” was another defining moment for sure. It was my "comeback" track, one of my personal favorites and was released on Revealed. It felt amazing to come back strong, and the momentum hasn't stopped since. It was absolutely necessary for me to go through that burnout because I was so, so young and getting a lot of attention, and I needed a reality check on what I needed to work on internally before I continued on my career path. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been sustainable.
It was in our first interview where you told us, “Hardwell is definitely my number one guy. Since day one he has been the guy I look up to.” Can you talk about that coming full circle with your signing to Revealed?
Yes of course! I touched on it a bit earlier already, but I really am so grateful that I'm in the position I am. I no joke remember watching Hardwell play Ultra one year and I was crying watching the live stream; I can't even tell you why haha. But it's an incredible feeling knowing that everything has come full circle. It truly puts a lot into perspective and it goes to show that anything is possible if you have the right mindset and gameplan. 
Obviously Robbert was a massive influence on you, but Revealed also has a load of key artists and team members in their staff/family. Can you highlight a few of your favorite people and what makes them and the Revealed Family so special to you?
Definitely, from afar I've always appreciated the quality of the Revealed brand. So it's only right to give a shout out to everyone who works there. From the A&R's, to the people in charge of social media, to the graphic designers – I've always looked at the Revealed brand with a sense of prestige and that for sure comes with all the hard work and talent that Revealed fosters.
Also, I'm a big fan of KAAZE for a few reasons. He reached out to me a long time ago just to say he liked my stuff which was super cool of him to do. He also invited me to his place in Vegas and let me stay with him while making music which was a really dope experience. I think his music is super sick and his work ethic is really something I admire as well.
Your new single “Two Of Us” got off to an explosive start with over 150,000 streams in 24 hours. Talk to us some more about the response to the single.
I remember putting up the posts on socials saying that my new song was out at 12 AM. By the time it was done, I checked my Spotify app and it had 11,000 streams already! I went to bed and when I woke up, it had 83,000 streams. I was absolutely mind blown, and in that day we reached 150,000 streams which has been the most streams I've ever gotten on release day. The fact that we had such a strong release after just signing with Revealed made it all that more special.
Tell us some more about the production. What are some of your favorite elements inside?
Right now I'm using FL Studio, which was the program I started on when I was 13. They've made tons of strides in the right direction as far as the software goes, and it works perfectly for me. I'm using the same plugins most other producers are using, Serum, Spire, Nexus etc. but the most important thing for me is to create a captivating moment with my music. I focus a lot on making sure I feel something when I'm working on the song. I'd say my favorite element about the production process is getting that captivating moment. I hear songs as individual worlds, kinda like a movie. Every specific sound in its place combined creates a new world and it's a beautiful thing! 
Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix, can you highlight three tracks or artists included and why they stand out?
Absolutely. Well of course, “Two Of Us” is my new song and one that I'm extremely proud of, but I'd love to highlight the track right after that: My VIP Mix of “Two Of Us.” Basically, when I make a VIP Mix, I take my song and flip it on its head. I make the vibe much darker and more focused on making a club banger. Last year, I made a VIP Mix of “Identity” and it was one of my favorite songs that I've made. It was also really well received so I've been wanting to do another VIP mix for a while, but I never came up with an idea that felt special enough until I made the idea for the VIP Mix of “Two Of Us.” It's purely made for that epic show intro and I'm so happy with how it turned out.
Another track I can highlight is “Detroit 3 AM” by David Guetta & MORTEN. This is probably my favorite track at the moment, the atmosphere in the track is next level.
Lastly, I'd love to highlight SWACQ. I played his remix of “Used To Love” which is massive as well as his song “No Strings Attached.” I think it's great that he's been getting the recognition he has been because he's ridiculously talented. I was at his studio a few years back when he made music under the name Arin Tone and he showed me his first release under SWACQ. Even though I was super jet-lagged, I remember being so impressed. Definitely one of the producers out there who always seems to be ahead of the curve.
As the current situation of the music industry continues to escalate, what’s your perspective on how to tackle the forthcoming months as an artist/producer?
I believe we live in an age where content is everything, and as a music producer I want to make songs I'm super proud of and continue to share that content with the world. Another key component is staying consistent. There are so many producers, so many content creators, TV shows, the list goes on and there's only so much time one consumer has in a day. It's important to remain consistent so you can compete with all the amazing talent out there. That, and when you have people that genuinely enjoy your music, of course you're gonna want to keep delivering.
What else has you excited as we look past March? Do you have any particular goals that you’re hoping to accomplish in 2020?
My VIP Mix of “Two Of Us” is something I'm super stoked to drop and that's coming soon. I'm focused on making great music in the studio right now & I have some ideas that I'm so excited for the world to hear. I don't have any particular goals, it's more important to me that every day that goes by in 2020 I'm happy and making progress in the things that matter most to me; making music being one of those things. I really appreciate you guys for having me and want to thank the readers for checking this out! Much love guys :)
Ryos – “Two Of Us” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
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