Feb 03, 2017

Breakthrough Artist Spotlight: Jose De Mara & Crusy

We couldn’t be more excited today to feature two of the top breakout Spanish artists of 2016, Jose De Mara and Crusy. The guys joined us for an exclusive dual interview celebrating today’s release of their remix of “Breathe Again” on Mirage Records. The guys discussed how they came to work together and the journey they’ve been on as they continue to develop their Jose De Mara & Crusy concept. Get a picture of when they first met, producing one of 2016’s top overall tracks “Bangkok,” the origins of their b2b DJ sets, and of course a look at their new remix!
Do you guys remember the first time you met? What was your first impression of the other?
Jose De Mara: Yeah for sure! I remember Crusy started to send me his music for my record label Arcadia Records so I quickly got that kind of feeling when you know someone has talent, you know? I felt he needed some tips to improve his music so I helped him, but wow, he learned really fast! [laughs].
Crusy: Of course! I started actually sending music to Jose’s label Arcadia Records like three years ago. He has supported what I do from the beginning and has given me some really good advice on my productions, so I am really thankful for all of the things I have learned from him; definitely one of the best producers out there!
What led to you two to start producing together?
Jose De Mara: I think we see music in a similar way, so with that in mind we thought, “why don't we just have fun making music together?” Quickly some magic happened when we did “Bangkok” and we decided to help each other more often.
Crusy: Both of us are really creative people. We are not afraid of trying different ideas and I think that we almost have more or less the same feelings about the music, so it is easy for us to develop an idea fairly quickly, but finishing it is something totally different hahaha.

What elements of the original “Breathe Again” did you know you wanted to preserve? How do you think you've made the remix your own?
To be honest, it was a challenge for us. Remixing a track totally different from our style, probably close to 100 BPM, was a real challenge, but we loved the feeling of the track and especially the melodies inside. We tried to think outside of the box – making something different, but still making a track that we could play in our sets, maybe for closing or an epic moment, you know? It was the kind of melodic song we always wanted to do.
Love the super uplifting feeling of the track! With that in mind, how have you been using the track in your sets and what has the reception been like?
Crowd reaction has been massive! It’s the kind of song you want to play when you’ve got the people in your hand, you know?
What does working with the Mirage team and releasing on the label mean to you guys?
Well we’ve known each other for a couple of years now because they're doing an amazing job! We have been talking about teaming up together since then, but we hadn’t found the perfect moment. When they proposed doing this remix to us, we thought it was the perfect moment to finally work together, taking the risk to make something different, but we love the result so far!
What do you think is the biggest strength of the other? What's your favorite thing about working with the other?
Jose De Mara: Crusy is the expert about technical stuff, especially sound design and I really hate that part sometimes because I’m more of an 'audio' guy if you know what I mean. But for sure his best quality is the attitude, always positive!
Crusy: Jose’s most of the time the man behind the melodic ideas, and his experience is sometimes a real advantage to know which direction to take a production; but the best without any doubt, is his character. We are laughing most of the time! [laughs].
2016 was a year filled with big productions for you guys from “Canteo” to “Kronos” and of course to the hit track “Bangkok,” Do you have a favorite production together from last year, and why?
Definitely “Bangkok” was our game changer. We put all of our love inside, and especially let ourselves go doing the track. We were creative and that was the key to our success. After that, all of the things we reached like being released on Sosumi Records, to being one of the 2016 Top 100 Most Supported Tracks in your list, or Steve Angello playing the track every summer show was much more than we expected! And people still go crazy when the track plays!
Now you guys also DJ together, correct? Can you talk about what a Jose De Mara b2b Crusy set is like? How does the chemistry from the studio carry over to the decks?
Well we have our independent careers going on, but everything started last year during our A Summer Story Festival performance. We had never played together even with any other DJs, but we felt something special was needed for that event so it was probably one of our best DJ sets ever! We feel like we need to do it more often, but at the same time we're still going to DJ separately. For sure we will make the b2b a concept whenever we feel it could be a special moment or as long as the girls come to the show ;) lol
What do you guys have planned for the rest of this year?
It’s going to be a year of changes we think. Everybody is doing the same music all day long so it's probably one of the things we don't want for our upcoming music. Our big goal is to find the right songs to be released with no rush. We have some songs coming up, but we're still setting up our next goals. Miami is probably one of the biggest places to be for sure, but we feel maybe it is more interesting to keep working at our studio to have the game changer tracks again :) So let the music speak for ourselves!
Connect with Jose De Mara: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with Crusy: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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