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Tom Budin On "Wandering Souls"

May 18, 2020
Tom Budin On "Wandering Souls"
Today we’re joined by Tom Budin, fresh off the release of his hotly anticipated collab with Kopa. “Wandering Souls” sees Tom reunite with Kopa, someone he shares a long history with, and Tom gives us great detail on how they came to meet and what it’s like working with one another. “Wandering Souls” was released on FUTURE, the new imprint under Don Diablo’s Hexagon label, and for many reasons this track has extra special significance to those who have followed its journey! 
Hey Tom, thanks for joining us today! Starting out, can you share some insights about your versatility as a producer? You've openly stated that you love to experiment with the house sound and you're often switching styles from release to release, like with “Sugar’s Delight” and “Wandering Souls.”
Thanks for having me for an interview, it’s an absolute pleasure guys!

Since I began producing, a focus of mine has always been versatility. I am a music lover and have a wide range of influences that spark my creativity and passion for music. My uncle was a record collector in Australia, so from a young age I had fallen in love with so many different types of music. I want to keep my sound open to a wide range of listeners and those who can understand that music is an expression of the mind, body and soul. I want my brand to show my fans that my music can be both more radio friendly, but at other times very club and dance based to appeal to a number of different people.

Let's jump right into the just released “Wandering Souls”! How did you come to reunite with Kopa for this track after your first time together in 2018 with “Things Change” on Mixmash Deep?
Great question! After the proven success of “Things Change” and the overwhelming support from our fans, we knew right away that it was essential to come together once again and create another melodic piece. We enjoy working together and I know Kopa never fails to write beautiful melodies and lyrics.

How long have you and Kopa known each other – when and where did you first meet?
I have known Lee for a few years now; we studied for our bachelor’s degrees of sound and music design at University together and worked on some projects and assessments together. We first met in my second year of University in a class that we were both in. We began to chat more about music and Lee began to work much more closely with music production and songwriting. A couple years after we met, I heard the idea of “Things Change” and I knew I had to do a release with him.

What was the production process like for “Wandering Souls”?
The production came together so quickly on the track. Lee originally sent me a folk track he had written all himself as a completely acoustic tune – I was in love with his melodies and vocals from the very beginning so he sent over his recordings and ideas and I added my electronic touch, bridging the alternative folk sound he is well known for with a light and ambient melodic production. We continued to work on the tune together piece by piece, recording new sections and expanding the lyrical side of things and presto, “Wandering Souls” was born! 

How does it feel to be back working with the Hexagon team again, this time releasing on their new FUTURE imprint? What's it like having the support from Don Diablo and what does that support mean to you? 
It feels surreal to be working with the team at Hexagon again. They did such a superb job with the last release (J-Trick & Tom Budin - “Heard Right”) and I am super excited to gain their support on “Wandering Souls.” I’m also super excited that they have chosen to release the track through their new imprint FUTURE as there have only been a select handful of people who have worked with this brand new label. Having Don support the tune is an amazing feeling – he has been a big influence on my music for a number of years now, and seeing his connection to the track, as well as the many other people he has played the track to makes me so hyped for this track to reach for the stars.
And on top of that, “Wandering Souls” had an incredible premiere, with Don Diablo playing it for the first time as a tribute during his DJ Set at Untold Festival last year. What was that experience like for you?
Honestly, I was lost for words when I saw the footage for the first time. The emotion he created at Untold was absolutely amazing and seeing so many people connect with the track on such a spiritual level was absolutely insane. I had no idea he was going to shine some light on some very important issues that are going on in the world and I feel utterly blessed that he chose “Wandering Souls.”

“Wandering Souls” is a highly anticipated track by the Hexagonians, with many fans asking for this ID over the last year. Can you talk about the Hexagon fanbase and what makes them so special?
Yes! A lot of people have been asking for the track, particularly as we have been putting so much time into making sure the release is perfect. The Hexagon fanbase isn’t just a group of people who listen to Don Diablo. They are a collective society that lives and breathes Hexagon. They are true die-hard electronic music fans with a passion for all types of music. Whichever city I have travelled to in the world, no matter what festival – I can always spot the Hexagonians and they are always amazing people that I can see have a deep connection to the music.
What does the rest of 2020 look like for you? Obviously, things are really challenging and uncertain, but what has you excited nonetheless for the months to come? We hear that you're working on a really special remix, can you tell us anything about that?
The rest of 2020 is looking absolutely insane. Although things have been rough for all musicians and entertainers, I have made it my mission to deliver some of my best music yet, hopefully setting up for an amazing 2021. I am very excited for the months to come, the team at Game Time Management have been doing wonders building for a crazy ending half of the year. I am very excited for the new remix; it’s for three people I have looked up to for so many years now and I’m psyched that they chose me personally to do the remix for them. The track is going to be a huge release and I cannot wait for it!
You can stream or download "Wandering Souls" on your platform of choice today! fanlink.to/FUTURE003 
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