The Concept Primed For A Huge 2019

Jan 28, 2019
The Concept Primed For A Huge 2019
We were first introduced to The Concept last year, a new project that hit the ground running with quality productions that quickly grabbed our attention. After releasing four tracks in 2018, The Concept released one to start this year and now present a three track EP entitled Crow. To celebrate, George joined us to discuss the EP, some favorite artists, and what lies ahead in 2019.
Hey George – thanks for joining us today! Looking back a bit first, how did guys feel about yoru first year as a project and how'd 2018 wrap up?
Hi guys, thanks for having me. 2018 was a great year for us. We launched our new project “The Concept” and the feedback and support has been beyond amazing. We closed the year with a great EP on Flamingo Recordings, which we are very proud of. The EP is a bit lighter than our usual music, but it was the best way to close out the year.
Let's jump right into your new EP, Crow. Can you tell us about each track and what the production process was like?
Crow is a very special EP for us. We started creating this EP in the beginning of 2018 and we wrapped it up around August. This EP is very very close to our roots and really describes our sound. We aim for a darker style of tech house with some techno elements, while using different and odd vocals such as in “The Room.” Also, in this EP we had a chance to collaborate with someone that I personally have been looking up to for years. Volkoder agreed to work with us on a track, and we think that “Old Dreams” is the highlight of the EP.

What do you think ties these three tracks together and made you want to release them as an EP?
The tracks in the EP are called “The Room,” “The Sleep” and “Old Dreams.” We felt like narrating a story with this EP. We start with “The Room,” the lightest of all tracks. This track has a tribally and groovy feeling and is the perfect way to start. As with most nights, one finds himself in a room before sleeping. Next we go to “The Sleep.” This track takes us a bit deeper and darker. Fewer elements, darker sounds and a dark male vocal. Finally we move on to “Old Dreams.” We are in the deepest state now as we imagine one is dreaming and we felt that this song pretty much describes those hectic dreams where nothing makes sense. Different sounds popping in at times, an eerie female vocal and an all around well delivered tech track.
What are three tracks from other artists that are currently standing out to you?
Currently there are many artists who we are constantly keeping an eye out for new music and sets. It is very hard to choose three, but here we go. Boris Brejcha is all the way on the top. His music is a huge inspiration for us and we are constantly excited for his new IDs and those many many unreleased tracks waiting to drop hopefully. Moving to a different genre, Chris Lake is someone who we think is standing out by miles. His productions never cease to amaze us. Chris always delivers original and amazingly well produced tracks that get us dancing every time. Lastly, we must include Purple Disco Machine. He combines old school with current sounds and his productions are always very interesting to listen to. “Dished” is a track that we still listen to on a daily basis.
And finally, what has you most excited for the year ahead?
As we mentioned in our previous interview, before creating this project, we had spent years in the studio preparing material and perfecting our sounds. In 2018, we started shopping our tracks around and we are happy to say that you will get to see a lot of those tracks dropping in 2019. We released four tracks in 2018. We are less than a month into 2019 and we have released four tracks already. It’s safe to say that there is a lot more coming around the corner.
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