Jun 16, 2016

Lumberjack Exclusive Mix

Learn about the groovy French duo Lumberjack while you enjoy their Exclusive Mix packed full of IDs!
Do you have any goals or objectives with the mix? Are you looking to create a particular flow with the mix?
To show you a little bit (because one hour is too short) of songs we actually like and respect. It isn’t a mix from 2000 to 2016 because that would be much too long for us. We started with a little slower house and then transitioned to groovy house and electro. It’s similar to a radio show with some IDs, mashups and promos.
How would you preface this mix to someone unfamiliar with your music?
This mix is what we love, what we produce, and what we want to share with people! The mix is a crossover between different styles and we want to make people happy and have a good time with our music! It’s also a way for us to present some of our newer tracks. These are tracks we truly care about and to share them like this is a big deal!
How do some of the songs in the mix represent your musical influences?
When the song has a groove, when your body is dancing, and when you want to dance in your mind, those are our influences! We play only songs that can influence our music style and production.
Can you talk about the similarities/differences between this mix and when you DJ?
When we are DJing we play in front of thousands of people, so we can see the energy and we are there to make the crowd go, not just here to play for our fun.
In this mix we play to show you our love and imagine that you, behind the screen, are listening to something cool. We aren’t here to break your ears!
Are any of these tracks big hits in your live sets?
L’Tric feat. Miles Graham - “1994” (Genairo Nvilla Remix) is actually one of our favorites. This groovy track and hard tech house beat is so fresh! Everybody moves to this beat, and we can play it any moment!
Can you highlight some of the artists/tracks in the mix and what makes them stand out? Any particular story why any of the tracks made it in?
Genairo Nvilla for his groovy beats, we really appreciate the Axwell^Ingrosso style! Fuerte & Anderva are two guys who are always in our live sets or radio shows because of their bootlegs. These two guys have made a lot of nice banger bootlegs, and send three to four new ones per week! Respect to them!
How would you describe your sound as producers?
We try to do things we like and think will make people happy. We don’t have a real style when producing, we do whatever we feel in our mind! Lumberjack is a concept, a friendly concept, where people know us in the electronic music domain. We don’t want to disturb this by growing out of our realm! But with other projects, we can produce really different styles, from pop music to rap music.
What about your DJ style?
For our DJ style, since we are a duo, it’s all about the b2b, the ping and pong. We try to energize the crowd and surprise people by including new songs, IDs, and mashups in our live sets.
Who were your early influences? Who are you influenced by currently?
Good question, from Daft Punk to Tiësto, to Michael Jackson and Prince, we are music lovers! Now, we respect guys like The Weeknd with his beautiful voice, Don Diablo for his new style, DJ Snake for his big ascension and introduction of new music, and Justin Bieber for his 90° turn.
Can you talk about your chemistry in the studio and while DJing?
When we are in our studio, we try to have fun and make what we love. We often try and find a good singer who is interested in collaborating for the music itself rather than for money. As we are both in the studio, we have new ideas all the time and make a ton of music each week. We’ve just been making lots of music in the last two years; we probably have more than 300 tracks. Now it’s time to release some of it and show it to the people. That’s why we’ve decided to give one track out per month for free. Some with vocals, some without, but always a track a month for free.
For DJing, it’s a little bit different since we never know what the other person has in his USB key. When we are playing live, we are often surprised, like, “WTF is this song bro?!” We spend the week trying to find good GROOVY music. We don’t like a song if it doesn’t have a good rhythm or get your body moving. That’s why we love some Redrum songs, batucada style, groovy bass rollers, etc.
What do you think is the biggest strength of the other?
Jim: His hair...haha! No, but really he's good at getting inspired and coming up with new ideas simply by listening to other songs in the studio.
Chris: I think Jim is hugely creative! He always has good ideas and new ways to build our projects stronger! (He’s also good on Tinder haha!)
What are some funny things about each other that we may not know?
Jim: Aha, I can’t say it on the Internet!
Chris: He’s a huge fan of Camel and Makrout!
Do you have a favorite track at the moment?
“Barricade,” from Axwell, because the track is so groovy, and it’s also the track we love to play as our intro at a big festival!
What’s the proudest moment of your careers thus far?
Actually, we are still looking for it...it’s only the beginning, so we hope to have one BIG proudest moment to tell you soon!
Can you tell us about some of the festivals you’ve played and hope to play someday?
Actually we’ll be really happy to play in some BIG festival one day. We’ve started to with shows like INOX, Electrobeach, and Spring Break. We always keep in mind that to make it to the point where a festival is interested in bringing us to be on the Main Stage we need to spend time in the studio/communicating/etc. It’s a big deal to us!
What does the rest of 2016 look like for you?
It looks good! Tough work ahead with lots of songs to finish, but we know what is coming and we are proud of it. Can’t say much more than that right now!
But be sure, you’ll be the first to hear all about us on 1001tracklists! <3

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short link 1001.tl/frskbl
Daniel Portman Casa Rumba Artwork
Daniel Portman - Casa Rumba ENORMOUS TUNES
51 system
L'Tric 1994 (Genairo Nvilla Remix) Artwork
L'Tric ft. Miles Graham - 1994 (Genairo Nvilla Remix) NEON
43 system
Alex Guesta Babarabatiri (Alex Guesta Tribal Edit) Artwork
Alex Guesta - Babarabatiri (Alex Guesta Tribal Edit) UNDER TOWN
24 system
Wess & Tight Lexor Montenegro Artwork
Wess & Tight Lexor - Montenegro CODE RED
32 system
Lumberjack - ID
1 system
1 Pre-Save 1
Madison Mars Ready Or Not Artwork
Madison Mars - Ready Or Not HEXAGON
221 system
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Lumberjack vs. Pendulum - ID vs. The Island
1 system
Pendulum The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn) Artwork
Pendulum - The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn) WARNER BROS.
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Flatdisk Just Gotta Have It Artwork
Flatdisk - Just Gotta Have It FLAMINGO
59 system
Pre-Save 1
Lumberjack - ID
1 system
1 Pre-Save 1
Fraanklyn FrEqueNCy Artwork
Fraanklyn - FrEqueNCy SOSUMI (FREE)
120 system
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Dave Winnel Old School Artwork
Dave Winnel - Old School AXTONE
163 system
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Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper Drownin' Artwork
Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper - Drownin' SHOWLAND (ARMADA)
84 system
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Lumberjack Everyday (I Fall In Love) Artwork
Lumberjack - Everyday (I Fall In Love) CHOU/FLEUR
4 IDsOnly (219)
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Joachim Garraud Don't Cry (Lumberjack Remix) Artwork
Joachim Garraud ft. Chris Willis - Don't Cry (Remember My Name) (Lumberjack Remix) ULTRA
23 system
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Lumberjack - Here We Go
6 IDsOnly (219)
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Nicky Romero vs. Disciples & Calvin Harris - How Deep Is Your Novell (Fuerte & Anderva Mashup)
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Calvin Harris & Disciples How Deep Is Your Love Artwork
Calvin Harris & Disciples ft. Ina Wroldsen - How Deep Is Your Love SONY
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Nicky Romero Novell Artwork
Nicky Romero - Novell PROTOCOL
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Lumberjack This Summer Artwork
Lumberjack - This Summer CHOU/FLEUR
6 IDsOnly (219)
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Lumberjack & Arensky Sky Artwork
Lumberjack & Arensky ft. Nathan Brumley - Sky CHOU/FLEUR
9 system
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Lumberjack Golden Artwork
Lumberjack ft. Sabrina Chang - Golden CHOU/FLEUR
9 system
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