DubVision Present 1001tracklists Exclusive Mix

Apr 28, 2016
DubVision Present 1001tracklists Exclusive Mix
To celebrate the release of their newest single, Million Miles, DubVision provides the latest 1001tracklists Exclusive Mix showcasing some of their newest records and IDs. Enjoy the mix while you read the story behind Million Miles, the mix, and some more about the talented duo.
Million Miles
Victor: The starting point was the vocal from Denny White. That gave us the inspiration to first make the chords. We started off making a typical DubVision song and then we thought maybe we could switch it up a bit. The inspiration was to kind of move away from the progressive house we make and do something different.
Stephan: We knew Denny since he worked with a friend of ours, Michael Brun, and that’s how we got in touch. He sent us the vocal and said to check it out and thought it could be something special.
Victor: Listening to the lyrics, we’ve got a million miles to go is kind of, if you take it to another level, our journey to where we are heading with a new chapter and everything. We’ve still got a million miles to go, and we’ve come a long way.
Stephan: There’s still a long way to go.
Vocal Anthems
Victor: I think for us, music is mostly about melodies and vocals. There are a lot of great instrumental tracks and hard tracks without as much melody, but in the end, the music you remember is more timeless music with melodies and vocals. I think that’s something that as an artist you are always trying to achieve - making something that when you listen to it ten years later, you still think, “Wow that’s a good song.” So far we have had some good vocal songs and we are trying to take it to an even higher level.
DubVision on the Mix
With the mix, we wanted to showcase some of our newest records and IDs. The mix differs from our live set in that there are also records we wouldn’t play out live because they wouldn’t fit in our set so much, but we still love them. These are all songs we either love to play out live or love to listen to!

Million Miles in DubVision Sets
Stephan: I think our sets are way different from three years ago. We have a lot of different influences. We play 100bpm, we play groove, hip hop. We are in a weird era music-wise, now everyone is switching up a lot. America is going back to more hip hop, so people who love house music also want to hear maybe Jay Z or Drake in the set. Million Miles is just another different kind of groove in the set.
DubVision Highlights Some Artists & Tracks in the Mix
The Chainsmokers - Roses (feat. ROZES) w/ DubVision - ID: The Chainsmokers are really killing it. They are nice guys, they make good music, and the whole concept around them just fits. We are finishing up a new remix of Inside Out for them. I don’t think we can put it in, but we put in the Roses bootleg we did with our ID.
Firebeatz & Chocolate Puma feat. Bishøp - Lullaby: Firebeatz are great friends of ours and they are coming out with some amazing new stuff.
Jay Z - 99 Problems (DubVision Bootleg): This is something different than the normal DubVision style, but works really well live.
Kris Menace & Lifelike - Discopolis (DubVision Bootleg): All the big guys have it and it has already been played by Axwell & Ingrosso, Hardwell, and Afrojack. We made it, we play it, it works insane, and we’ll see how it does this summer. Keep an eye out for it on 1001!
Biggest Strengths
Victor: Stephan is very organized and strong when making concepts and giving an overall view of all the projects and what we have to do.
Stephan: Victor is also good at making concepts, I think that is a strength of both of ours, but he is more technical.
Victor: When we are together in the studio, I guess Stephan is more of the overall ideas, melodies and stuff and I like to hone in on the details and perfection.
Funniest Habits
Stephan: He just started drinking coffee. He tried it a bunch of times and never liked it and now all of a sudden is drinking it.
Victor: I think Stephen can’t go without his earplugs - noise cancellation ones. He needs them in the airplane because otherwise he gets crazy. All the babies...
Most inspirational show that made you want to produce/DJ
Stephan: Daft Punk 2009 at Heineken Music Hall here in Holland. By far.
Victor: For me it wasn’t a show actually because I wasn’t old enough to go shows back then. I was just listening to music and was a huge fan of Tiësto back in the day. He also did like a 3 or 4 hour set in Holland that he released on DVD and I remember watching that.
Talking Visionairz
Stephan: We simply want to make the brand DubVision better in all kinds of ways because of the loyalty of our fans. Obviously musically, but also in other ways you can imagine. I can’t say too much, but in a few days it will be more clear. We are working on the brand DubVision and we want to involve the fans. We wanted to give the fans a name, the believers if you will. So we named them the Visionairz. They are the people who love our music, follow us, and support us. We hope to gain a lot more Visionairz in the future. There will be more around that in the future - can’t give away too much now.  

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Full tracklist info available at DubVision - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2016-04-28
Adrian Lux - Torn Apart (Fehrplay Remix) [AXTONE]
60 Save
The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES - Roses [SONY]
411 Save
DubVision - Primer [REVEALED]
piotruss (59)
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Axwell - Waiting For So Long (Gloria) (ARTY Remix) [AXTONE]
68 Pre-Save
NERVO ft. Harrison Miya - Bulletproof (DubVision Remix) [ULTRA]
35 Pre-Save
Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz ft. BISHØP - Lullaby [SPINNIN']
126 Save
Paul Vinx - Troublemakah [GURU]
37 Pre-Save
Matisse & Sadko ft. TITUS - Get Busy [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
137 Save
JAY-Z - 99 Problems (DubVision Bootleg) [ROC-A-FELLA (ISLAND DEF JAM)]
1 Pre-Save
Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (DubVision Bootleg) [ARMADA]
21 Pre-Save
deadmau5 - Strobe [ULTRA/MAU5TRAP]
364 Save
Third ≡ Party - Arrival [RELEASE]
152 Save
Tommy Trash - Luv U Giv (DallasK Remix) [FOOL'S GOLD]
23 Pre-Save
Jay Hardway - Stardust [SPINNIN']
135 Save
Syskey - Trust [SHOWLAND (ARMADA)]
55 Pre-Save
Zonderling ft. BISHØP - Keep On [SPINNIN' DEEP]
83 Save
DubVision ft. Denny White - Million Miles [KID COCONUT]
47 Pre-Save
Patrolla vs. Adamski ft. Seal - Killer (MOTi Remix) [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
85 Pre-Save
DubVision vs. Alesso vs. Emeni - Turn Destinations Heart (DubVision Mashup)
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DubVision vs. Calvin Harris ft. John Newman - Heart vs. Blame (DubVision Mashup)
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