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Dec 15, 2021

Get To Know: Floormagnet

Floormagnet consists of six experienced electronic music lovers based in Stockholm, Sweden. What creates the magic between them are the disparate yet talented differences of the six striking producers that come together with each release to create a unique combination with their obsession of tweaking tracks until perfection and delivering authenticity to music lovers across the globe. Read on to get to know the guys! 
Hey Floormagnet, thanks for joining us today! We understand that you like to let your music do the talking and keep a pretty low profile. Can you tell us about your backgrounds and how you came together to form Floormagnet?
We're old and new friends with a central interest in common – we live for music. This spans several generations and genres, which makes the sound unique and ours. One of us has a solid musical background from college, a London resident who's been breathing, playing and producing music as a DJ/producer. One of us has an eye for the artistic side of things and creates all of the covers. Another one of us makes videos and has a solid IT background with great interest in steering and connecting chords on old synths. Another has a background as a management consultant, who manages the business strategy, marketing and is also a fashion stylist. We embrace diversity in the team. We don't want to get caught up in any genre, as we love most things in dance music with passion and soul, from slow BPM to fast.
Where does the name Floormagnet come from?
It was a bit of a struggle to find the right name for us and we had many names in mind. It took months to decide until eventually we could agree on a name. We sort of went back to the days before we founded Floormagnet as individual producers. One of us had Floorshow as a label and we were spinning about the word "floor." We want people to dance to our music on the dance floor and we saw ourselves as a magnet, and then we put floor to magnet.
Can you tell us a little about yourselves and what your dynamic is like together inside and outside of the studio?
Some of us go way back and grew up together in the north parts of Sweden, work colleagues and friends. We're like a family. Clear roles of responsibility, we create together and see ourselves as a dynamic music collective. In the studio we are agile. In the beginning of our collaboration in this constellation, we had some challenges and misunderstandings before everyone in the team had found their roles. We want everyone to be able to develop and challenge themselves. Having respect for each other, sensitivity and having opinions in the productions is important to deliver quality with each release.
How would you describe your style as producers? Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?
We're passionate and like to explore together with our unique style of music blend with influences from the pioneers and we had a clear path when we founded Floormagnet as a collective. We wanted everyone to contribute with their style so that we don't end up sounding like everything else in the industry. We never follow trends and genre-less electronic music. However, musical inspiration is welcome and something that we all take with us as an important parameter in the creative process. To be honest, we never really know what the track will become when we create in the studio. That's what it's going to be, all we know is that it's going to be electronic music.
Inspiration from the early years comes from electronic music like Kraftwerk, The Human League, Soft Cell, Ultravox, Visage, Yello, John Foxx, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and Yazoo. With "Pump Up The Volume" and The KLF's "What Time Is Love," we discovered a new focus on electronic music that has since captured our passion. 1986 in Ibiza with Paul Oakenfold and Boy George, our old fore-pictures were mixed with the new dance music in an unforgettable mix.
You've just released your debut EP, She / And The End. What made you want to release an EP, and what is it about these tracks that ties them together?
We released six singles during 2021 and just thought that it was time for an EP. What ties them together is the post-apocalyptic theme.
Can you pick out one track from the EP and tell us about how the track came together? What was it like going from the initial idea to the final production?
The second track "And The End" stands out. It's inspired by themes surrounding the impact of humankind's abuse of nature, but in the end, nature will survive humankind. "And The End" has a dark and intense bassline, progressive house with a pulsating bass arpeggio, monotony and pounding beats, suggestive pads, and melodic strings. The musical influence for the string melody and pads came from early OMD tracks and the Twin Peaks theme.
The idea came to us when we felt a bit overwhelmed in the beginning of the pandemic. The world went "dark in a second," like the dark forces had taken over the earth. What happened in the world with lockdowns had such a huge impact on everyday life, and no one could foresee the consequences. Many things in life that we took for granted instantly disappeared. Empty streets, constant news feed about the virus, economic impacts, and uncertainty just hit all of us hard.
Do you have any other tracks in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
Oh yes, we have fourteen tracks ready in the pipeline. A couple of them with sound influences from the 80s.
And lastly, as we look ahead, where do you hope to see yourselves one year from now?
We have a humble approach, but hopefully we'll be making some moves in the industry to release our music on other labels, perform live gigs, and do collaborations. We're really looking forward to playing DJ sets for dance crowds. Like old times when DJs were mixing between genres, putting in tracks from the past in a dynamic mix with new bangers, just like a DJ set should be.
You can grab Floormagnet's 'She / And The End' EP on Beatport today! 
Connect with Floormagnet: SpotifySoundCloud | FacebookInstagram
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