Sep 13, 2021

Get To Know: CARSTN

Today we're joined by German DJ/producer CARSTN, who's been on a fast rising journey since he embarked on his career a few years ago. CARSTN has just released a new track together with SANSABA titled "Alibi" which continues his run of stellar releases. He continues setting new streaming milestones, which is bound to keep going as things are looking bright for him with a big rest of the year ahead! 
Hey Carsten, thanks for joining us today! Can you tell us about how you got started with a career in music? What made you want to pursue DJing and music production? 
I started DJing, like most of my colleagues, being at parties just taking control over the music, which back then was still played on Winamp or Windows Media Player. As I started choosing the songs, people liked this mix and it quickly became clear who should be responsible for this role next time. Over the years, there were more and more parties, graduation balls and club gigs until I started producing in 2018 and the project CARSTN was born.
What has the evolution of your career been like through your eyes? What have been some of your highlights along the way? 
If you look back on the last three years, you can say that the project has developed rapidly! Therefore, it is actually difficult to put this development into words. One of the biggest milestones is definitely my first song that had a million streams and that my profile by now has more than one million monthly listeners on Spotify! But all in all, I would say that it's about taking small steps and not grabbing the whole pizza straight away. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, so I’m proceeding slowly to the top ;-)
Where did the idea for your yellow brand color come from? 
To be honest, red is the color of my favorite soccer club, but I can't identify myself and my music with the color red, so I decided on yellow to easily differentiate myself from the mass of DJs. When I visited Amsterdam Dance Event, it quickly became clear who worked in the music scene: everyone was dressed completely in black with white sneakers. So, to stand out as a DJ, I decided to dress in a colourful way – in yellow. But yellow is also a happy color which can be associated with a good vibe and a positive mood. And that’s exactly what CARSTN stands for! 
What are some of your musical influences, and how would you describe the styles and sounds that CARSTN represents? 
CARSTN music definitely stands for a good mood and summer vibes. It’s an awesome feeling seeing the crowd having a smile on their faces while listening to my songs! Musical influences can be found in Avicii, who unfortunately passed away way too early, and Sam Feldt and his live band. Due to my past as a drummer in a local music club, organic song elements are very important to me and my music style!
Let's jump into your brand new release together with SANSABA titled "Alibi." When did you first meet SANSABA and how did you come to work with her on this track? 
We had a session planned in the SeatSound Studios in Frankfurt, and that’s where I actually first met SANSABA. It was back in May, and I remember that she had her second does of the Covid vaccine on that very day.
Take us through the production process for "Albi." How did you take the track from its initial idea to the final production, and how would you describe the track to listeners? 
As we started, Raphi, who co-wrote the song, had an idea for the chorus melody. So after we wrote some lyrics, the track slowly gained a country vibe. At that point, we decided the production should be heavily based on guitars and other organic elements. We wrote the whole song within a few hours.
Do you have any new music in the pipeline that you can tell us about? 
There are actually three songs left for this year. One song will feature a female newcomer and the other two tracks are still in production. But I can say one thing, we reach for the stars! So be curious what’s coming next and what the collabs will be. And who knows, maybe one of the upcoming songs will be THE one special HIT! :) 
And lastly, as we look ahead, what has you excited for the remainder of this year? 
Most of all, I'm looking forward to the upcoming studio sessions with many friends and artists. Also, I hope to take my music label Up All Night to the next level and gain bigger artists for our team. There is also another secret event that I’m involved in, and like everyone, we are hoping it can take place in times of this pandemic. And above all, the reopening of clubs and that the year 2022 is finally moving forward for the music industry!
You can stream or download CARSTN x SANSABA - "Alibi" on your platform of choice today! 
Connect with CARSTN: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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