Who Is Cityzen?

Jul 29, 2020
Who Is Cityzen?
This uprising mysterious act has caused enough rumors to make his name recognizable in no time. What do we know about Cityzen so far? First, we know it’s a HE. Second, he’s a part of R3HAB’s label CYB3RPVNK. Third, his audience and music success are growing so fast that we might become witnesses of a new breakthrough on EDM scene. Read on to learn more about Cityzen in our exclusive interview, and check out his latest single "U Need More," which just came out on Friday! Be sure to also check out Cityzen's Saturn 9 Spotify playlist
We already know that you describe yourself as someone who creates music on the edge of eras. Can you give us a deeper look at your personality?
That is absolutely correct. I was in the past, future and this very moment. I am everywhere and all at once. The music I produce is an explosive combination of different trends from different timelines. I love the past with its classy old school sounds that could be easily heard in my tracks. But there’s always space for something very futuristic.
So basically your releases might be popular in every point of history?
Exactly. Time will pass, but my music will be there. It’s like those old major hits that are still played and loved by millions of people. I can see lots of producers from Earth who make music the same way. This is why I actually created my Spotify playlist Saturn9. I collect and push to the masses tracks that have potential, that will remain as they are in the future. 
When did you first get started with producing music and what prompted your interest?
Pretty much from the beginning of time. At first there were just random sounds I was trying to make into something more or less satisfying. Then some new hardware appeared and I kept mastering my skills. When you’re constantly navigating across the universe, music production becomes a hell of a hobby. 
If this is not a secret, how did you manage to sign a contract with CYB3RPVNK?
This is actually a funny story. I didn’t expect to sign anything, especially on Earth. One day I got a message on my spacecraft and I was sure it was from my mate from Saturn9. How surprised I was to see an actual contract. 
Can you tell us about some of our interests outside of music? Do you have any? 
I do have one guilty pleasure. Outside of music I like travelling to the past and future and taking pictures of myself in some dope historical events. You see, when it’s not about music, I just observe and study cultures, people and other stuff. By the way, I managed to learn several languages while I was on Earth. Will come in handy when I start touring. 
Yeah, about that. Do you plan to go on a tour soon? Any hints on where we should expect you? 
My touring is definitely going to restart once your planet is healed with the whole pandemic thing. I had a chance to perform in Poland before the virus and I’m eager to repeat that. Until then, stay safe, I want to see you all full of energy next time I come to Earth. 
What's one goal that you're aiming to reach in the next couple of years?
In fact, a couple of years is like a couple of days to me. I have just released another track “U Need More” on CYB3RPVNK and plan on dropping something bigger than just a single soon. As for my main mission on this planet, I’d rather keep it in secret for now. Otherwise it will not happen. 
You can stream or download "U Need More" on your platform of choice today! https://cybr.at/uneedmore 
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short link 1001.tl/fh5v9b