Gouryella Graces Transmission

Nov 03, 2016
Gouryella Graces Transmission
Ahead of his performance at Transmission, we sat down with Ferry Corsten for an in depth look at his Gouryella project and set that night. Corsten’s excitement about the evening was evident as he described bringing the former Gouryella productions up to date, the thought process behind hit originals “Anahera” and “Neba,” and sharing them with thousands of passionate fans at a world class Transmission event in Prague.
How does it feel to get to play a Gouryella set at an event like Transmission which boasts such a high level of production?
Amazing. We kind of made the Gouryella visuals for a place like this. To see it in the place it’s meant to be in is just unbelievable. We were here this afternoon for the soundcheck and yeah, wow! Big LED screens there and there, but the way they do it here, they measure it to the millimeter for it to be absolutely correct. It’s not just this year either, it’s always very meticulous. That’s what I love about this production.
What do you like about this crowd?
It’s unlike bigger festivals with multiple genres of music. This is a trance-only crowd. You really get a crowd from all over Europe, but really all over the world. I’ve heard people from Asia, the States, Latin America. It also feels like Prague, the city itself, is buzzing – it’s amazing.
How would you describe a Gouryella set in its present form?
First of all, it’s in part reminiscing of the old days. That’s why I recreated and reproduced the old stuff, to make it match the sound of today. The old Gouryella tracks were done in 1998 and 1999. They did sound dated compared to today. I reproduced them to bring them up to the same level as “Anahera.” I don’t have enough Gouryella tracks to fill an hour, so I fill it with the latest Ferry Corsten tracks like “Vooma” and “Follow You” that have that certain sound that could be a Gouryella track. Dimension, who is killing it and on my label, is the only one I trusted to make an exclusive track for the show. The track didn’t exist before I asked him. I said to him, “Hey, you did “Origami” and a bunch of other tracks – I’m doing a Gouryella show, this is what I have so far – can you make something that will fit in there that people will think is possibly a Gouryella track they’ve never seen before like you did with “Origami”? When he came up with “Dopamina,” it was just spot on. Then there is another track that will be revealed soon, an ID that everyone is after.
What does the future hold for both Ferry Corsten and Gouryella?
It used to be Gouryella, now it’s Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella, even though everyone is referring to it as Gouryella. I’m already bringing it closer to Ferry Corsten.
Going forward, do you see a set that is a combination of Ferry Corsten and Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella?
I had announced the Gouryella show to run for at least a year on its own where I would only do the Gouryella tracks. I’m not playing the reproduced Gouryella tracks in my Ferry Corsten sets, just “Neba” and “Anahera.” But after this tour, I’ll bring some of them in because they sound so fresh at the moment. So with Gouryella, in terms of releasing, I’m sort of carrying on with the tradition of how we did it with the first episode of Gouryella from 1999-2004, with one really good release per year. I don’t want to overdo it. That’s why “Anahera” came out last year and then “Neba” came out the same week this year. Pretty much next year it will be the same story. I’m not really sure how I’m going to go with the Gouryella show. I’m also working on my next album, my next project really, and I think you’ll be able to see a lot of interconnectedness in there.
One last question since you mentioned your label, Flashover Recordings. What’s going on with your label and who are some of the other artists we should be watching for?
We’ve sort of taken the direction of going for that old school vibe sound. Hence, Gouryella and what Dimension is doing. At the same time Solis & Sean Truby are killing it too. Stoneface & Terminal just signed with us and they’ve come up with some great tracks that all have that nostalgic sound that a lot of us are missing in the scene right now. I hope we can provide that sound for the next year.
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