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Jul 19, 2021

The Indiigo Child Talks "I'm Yours" & New Label Waveform

Today we’re joined by The Indiigo Child who is hot on the heels of his latest release “I’m Yours.” Enjoy a deeper look at the track, his new label Waveform as well as Daniel’s planned comic book, and celebrate his incredible transition to electronic music after being discovered by Atlantic Records for his hip hop production talent!
Hey Daniel, thanks for joining us today! Starting out, can you take us all the way back and tell us about how you got started with a career in music? Who were some of your early inspirations that led you down this path?
Thanks for having me! My grandparents are from Argentina and came to the US to work on the Ed Sullivan show. I was very fortunate to grow up in a household that was surrounded by art, books or Depeche Mode playing in the background. Early on, I was heavily influenced by electronic music bands from the '80s like Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, and Tears for Fears. 
What has the evolution of your career been like from when you just got started until now? What have been some of your highlights and milestones along the way?
Initially, I worked in hip hop/ rap music for many years and would post videos of my production process. The videos did very well on YouTube and eventually led to a meeting with the current VP of A&R at Atlantic Records, Rigo "Riggs" Morales. During that meeting, I played like 10 hip hop tracks for him, and eventually he said "Your music is great, but it belongs in a different genre, artists every few years must rebrand themselves and you should try and do the same." It was a milestone and defining moment and in 2018, I rebranded myself and started making electronic music, which is my true passion. One of my recent milestones was establishing my new independent record label called Waveform which I currently release my tracks on. In the future, I want to use the infrastructure I'm building to give other artists a platform to release music. 
While it's been a difficult past year and a half since the onset of Covid, what have been some of the positives that you've been able to draw from this period?
As it has been for many, the past year has been very difficult in all aspects of life. I think for myself and many, despite some of the financial and health challenges we all face this year, the world shut down and gave everyone a moment to reflect on life. For me personally, this gave me a fresh perspective on life and what matters. I also learned how to become an expert live streamer haha.
Let's jump right into your new track together with Luma. How did the two of you come together on “I’m Yours”?
Once I had the melody, I started to look for singers via social media. After a few days, I came across Luma, who was still very much an up-and-coming artist. I reached out to her manager and we coordinated the creative process virtually. 
What was the inspiration for “I’m Yours,” and how did the vocal factor into the production process?
All of my music is based on emotions that I'm feeling, and “I'm Yours” is no different. It was a transitional time for me in my life and that initial melody was a product of that. For Luma, I'm sure the lyrics are a motivation, of similar nature. Luma provided a few different ideas for the vocal, which really enhanced the inspiration during the production process. It's always great to work with an artist who is flexible and dynamic. I think Luma really understands the production process, and that made it so easy to work with her.
Looking at your original release cover artworks, you can see a lot of originality and attention put into the design of each. Can you tell us some more about that and speak specifically to this release’s cover?
Each cover is a scene from an upcoming comic book that I will be releasing soon. I consider the music to be the soundtrack to that story. This is why there is so much effort into the art because it is connected to other projects. I will eventually release it once I have the bandwidth to do so. Comic books are expensive to make properly. 
Do you have any other new music coming up you can tell us about?
Yes, I'm currently working on a new EP that has a certain vibe. For me, it's always important to take risks to make different kinds of music each time. I try not to stick to a formula and I think the world will enjoy my next project. 
And lastly, as we look ahead, what are two goals that you hope to accomplish in the next few years? In the short term, what has you excited and motivated daily?
Well, my first goal is to continue building the infrastructure for my label Waveform and start releasing other artists that share the same passion for music. I'm just laying the groundwork, the real magic will happen when other artists join the label. After this crazy year, I appreciate health and simple things in life so much more. Life, and the amazing people in it, motivate me.
Download/stream The Indiigo Child ft. Lums - "I’m Yours":
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