Community Cornerstones: B-Rather

Nov 06, 2018
Community Cornerstones: B-Rather
Get to know Argentinian tracklisting phenom B-Rather in our latest Community Cornerstones feature!
What was the first thing that got you into dance music?
My history with dance music began in 2009 when I listened to the track “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta on the radio. Before that I listened to music in general, but mainly rock and a bit of pop, but when I heard that track it really got my attention and I started looking for more information about the artist and more music from him and little by little I started to discover this wonderful world that is dance music. From that moment it started to occupy a bigger and bigger place in my life until today where it is undoubtedly part of my daily life.
What's your all time favorite show that you've attended?
Undoubtedly the best show that I attended was the Hardwell’s set at Ultra Music Festival Buenos Aires 2014. I had been listening to his music for a while and his set from Tomorrowland 2013 had been my favorite, so I could not wait to hear it live. I really enjoyed it from the first minute to the last. His energy and his way of transmitting his passion for music to the public was something unique and I am really happy to have been able to enjoy that night.
If you could pick 5 artists to see on a lineup, who would you choose?
David Guetta: I’m thankful to him for the discovery of this world and although he has changed his style I think he is a great producer.
Hardwell: I always enjoy his sets and I think that on stage it's always about making a great show.
Kryder: For me he was someone who made the groove known and I will be very grateful to him since that was a big change in what I was listening to.
Swedish House Mafia: Since these guys are back on stage and I could never see them live, I think that they could not be left off of this list.
Eric Prydz: I believe that he has a unique concept for each show and is someone really inspiring.
What do you like about tracklisting and using 1001Tracklists?
I had started using the page when I followed tracklists for livesets from different artists. At first I only visited the site to see the tracklists, but then I saw that I could help to identify tracks myself. It really seemed like a great idea to help identify other artists’ tracks and help everyone looking for a particular tracklist. I think that this is the great strength of the page: find in one place thousands of tracklists from different genres of dance music and with many tools that help you to know more about the artists you follow and to discover new artists. If you are a DJ/producer, you can use 1001Tracklists to see how much support your tracks are receiving. I can really say that it is one of my favorite pages today and I am very happy that I can be part of this great community.
What's a fun fact that most people don't know about you?
I really love 1001Tracklists. It is one of the pages I visit the most, use and recommend, and it always brings me a smile when I find tracklists that include my mashups/edits.

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