Nov 25, 2021

Lost and Found: GAWP Returns To Heldeep Records

Celebrating his third release on Heldeep Records, GAWP sat down with us for an in depth chat around his work during the pandemic. The ultra talented producer knew he was onto something big back in 2019 when the original version of “Lost and Found” was a highlight moment in his live sets, and with dancefloors finally opening up again, there’s never been a better time for the release! Read on to learn more about the progression of the record, GAWP’s close work with the Heldeep team, launch of his own shows in the UK, and much more!
GAWP, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your new release on Heldeep Records! Take us back to the start of “Lost and Found.” What was the initial inspiration for the track and what did the first sketch sound like?
I created the first dub version of the track way back in 2019 to play at the Beatherder Festival and it was the highlight of my set. It was originally called “Vera” after Branson’s Virgin Atlantic entertainment system and I had many people messaging me for the ID of the track. Then I passed it to my good friends Walker & Royce who also said it was a staple in their sets and they actually did their own mixdown as the first version was really rough and just created for me to play out. This was the start of something I knew had good potential, so I teamed up with an amazing vocalist who then wrote a vocal which has the meaning of when you're at a festival, you're having an amazing time and then you lose all your friends and can’t find them. Something that you can relate to in many things in life… some things are lost forever and some things can be “Lost and Found.”
For the release on Heldeep, did you have to make any more changes?
It hasn’t really changed all that much from the original dub as that was always a stripped back banger, however when I worked with the vocalist, that opened ideas like adding multiple layers to create the harmonies. Vocal build and expression tension on the risers, etc.
This is now your third release on Heldeep Records. Can you pick another of your originals on the label and tell us about what makes the track special to you?
The big one for me had to be “Every Weekend.” This was the track that enabled me to support Oliver Heldens on his Heldeep 5 tour, playing San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, Amsterdam and the mighty Printworks London in 2019. The track is a fun hard hitting track with vocals about going out every Saturday, hence the name “Every Weekend.” 
What do you like most about working with Oliver and the Heldeep team? What makes the label a good home for your music?
The whole procedure is a pleasure to work with, the team are super on it with everything from communications, organisation, media and really getting behind the records they release. The label is a good home as they care about the artist and music. Oh and they also account properly which is nice as so many labels are slacking and my manager has to chase.
Reflecting for a moment on the past year and half, can you talk some more about your experience during the pandemic? How have you shifted your goals, expectations, and motivation around the GAWP project?
The main focus was to rebuild the studio, never in my life have I had over one year locked away to learn, create and level up my audio knowledge so I took full advantage of that and made sure I was productive, earning and learning in such depressing times. I started my audio production company called Most Wanted Audio, helping many people with mixing & mastering, and I also did music mentoring and a tutorial series. Oh and sample packs! So I kept busy, busy.
It was difficult writing club music when I wasn’t playing clubs. When you create club music you kind of get away with so much more when hearing some music in clubs on a big system and get crowd reactions… also not knowing how long it was going to be until I was back out… I’m guessing it’s a bit like a boxer who doesn’t have a sparring partner and wondering when his next fight will be. 
What has it felt like to return behind the decks and DJ live gigs again? Are there any sets from the past few months that particularly stood out?
I’ve recently not been touring the world due to the problems, but I have been making the most of my home country! I threw my first record label party in Leeds with Prok & Fitch, ZDS, Hauswerks, Elijah & Grundy and many more and it was amazing to be back road testing the music. But damn did I forget how crazy it is in the middle of a dancefloor!  
Looking closer at your DJ sets, who are two or three must play artists in your sets right now, and why?
This is really hard to answer as I'm quite diverse in music styles, one minute I can be playing fun records and other times long techno edgey stuff… but if I had to pick my favourites it would be Gene Farris, Walker & Royce, and Return of the Jaded.
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis? What are some goals that you have in mind for 2022?
Looking ahead I’m grateful for every opportunity from gigs to new signings, and my goals are to continue to spread the GAWP music globally and help others where I can along the way. I’m sure like many artists, I’ve got so much new music coming out, that alone is keeping my fire stoked and can’t wait for you guys to hear it! 
Thanks for having me, if anyone wants to follow my movements and sounds it’s @GAWPmusic on all platforms.
GAWP - "Lost and Found" is available to download/stream on your platform of choice today via Heldeep Records:
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