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Alex Schulz Delivers Another Hit

Apr 25, 2019
Alex Schulz Delivers Another Hit
Alex Schulz has been on a tear lately with his productions and remixes, receiving major artist support and playlisting on Spotify and Apple Music. We caught up with Alex to discuss his just released track, “We Could Be Anything,” his hit with Sam Feldt, “Be My Lover” and more!
Hey Alex, thanks for joining us today! How's your year been going so far?
My year has started really well! Lots of new music has been released and I’ve received some great support.
Let's jump into your just released single, “We Could Be Anything.” How did this track come together? Who is the vocalist on this track and how did you come to work with him?
It's actually a woman who is singing the vocals. I just pitched them down a few octaves like I did with my singles “In The Morning light” and “Keep On Reaching.” The original vocal sample is from Splice and I just liked the lyrics on the spot.
“We Could Be Anything” has already racked up some major Apple Music charting and playlisting and also received a play in Tiësto’s Club Life radio show. How does it feel to continue your run of success with your latest single?
It's kinda amazing. I never thought that I'd ever get support from such big names like Tiësto or Kygo when I started making music.
Your single with Sam Feldt “Be My Lover” has now crossed over 20M Spotify streams among many other accomplishments and was a major hit for you. Can you talk about what it was like working with Sam and what this track means to you?
I’ve known Sam already for a few years now. We both started out just uploading our music to SoundCloud. Ever since I discovered him, I really liked his music and he was also supporting a lot of my productions. As our style is pretty similar, I decided to ask if he would be up for a collab and he promptly agreed. “Be My Lover” was born and I'm incredibly proud of this track and super happy about the insane support that we got!
Do you have any touring plans? How would you describe an Alex Schulz live performance?
We're currently planning my schedule for the rest of this year and I'm already looking forward to announcing new tour dates soon. That's a good one! Well, I'm not that type of DJ who dances on the booth or throws pies on the audience ;-) When I'm playing I'm really focused, but of course enjoying it when I'm able to get the crowd into the music. I just want everybody to be happy, enjoying the music and dancing their asses off, of course!
Lastly, anything in particular that you're looking forward to in the summer months ahead?
I'm just looking forward to sharing my upcoming remixes and productions with you and also to being back on tour! And, as every summer, I can't wait to enjoy a lot of sunshine and travelling.
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